Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Good morning everyone!! I've got some BIG things going on today! I just put 80% of my store on sale 50 PERCENT OFF!! It's not doing me any good just sitting in my storage room and I need to start on that $10,000 goal, so half off it goes! I am REALLY hoping for some sales since I need to make $80 a day before going back to school to hit that goal. Here's the link to my store: STORE LINK

Yesterday's Sales

So I had two eBay sales yesterday.

This Fossil purse sold for $23.95 +F/S. After shipping and fees I'm left with a profit of $14.50.

This honestly isn't even worth mentioning. I've had it listed for so long. It sold for $3 +$2.58 shipping, leaving me with a profit of $2.24.

As you can see, my sales are horrible right now. I want to get back to those $100+ days. It's going to take some work, but I think I can do it. My total sales for the month are 13 items-$220.60, leaving me with a profit of $153.30. I am a LONG way from my goal.. 

Today's Goals

I'm going to try to list 30+ items today that have already been photographed and drafted. They just need to be measured and listed! 

I'm also going to try to draft another 30+ listings for tomorrow! 

Poshmark needs to have at least another 25 items crossposted to it before tomorrow. I went through last night and counted and out of my "134" listings that it says I have, only 80 of those are active. So I really need to work on increasing that number! 

On the non-eBay related side of things, I have to plan a core strengthening workout for the senior citizens to do tomorrow! After our workout yesterday, I can honestly barely move, I'm so sore! I hope they aren't as sore as I am! 

That's all for today! I will keep y'all updated on the sales and my goal! Thanks for reading!


  1. Can you link to your ebay store on this blog?


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