Monday, December 28, 2015

Sales Update 12/1-12/28

Hey everyone! I am so so SO sorry that I've been MIA lately. December is a super busy time of year for me and my family so I've not really even thought about blogging! I appreciate all the emails from everyone checking up on me! If I've not replied to you, hopefully you'll see this post and know that I am A OK! :) 

I am back in action today, ready to take on the 2016 year! I'm expecting a whole world of changes next year, so be sure you stay tuned for that. ;)

I am officially down to around 70 eBay listings. All of my items ended around Christmas and I've not relisted anything, or even listed any new items in a couple weeks. (I know I know. I need to get it in gear!) I'm hoping for an after Christmas promotion from eBay. I'm sure they'll send out one soon, but until then, I have 158 free listings left and I plan on using them before they expire at the end of the month! Right now I'm working up about 80 pieces of clothes (YIKES!). Y'all know how much I hate clothes.. But I'm making myself do it because there's a LOT of money there and I've been doing pretty great with them. 

But! Enough about that. Lets get down to some sales! Since I've not updated any this month, this will be a SUPER long post! Enjoy!! 

So far this month I've sold 44 items totaling $815.89.

I purchased all of this Nintendo stuff in a lot off of the Facebook yardsale a while back for $30. The Star Wars game sold for $10 +F/S. The Pokemon game sold for $14.95 +F/S and the lot with the Jungle Green console and games sold for $85 +shipping. The lot wreaked of smoke and I literally tried everything to remove the smell with little success. This was noted multiple times in the listing and it still sold! 

I thought this was an interesting sale. 2 days before Christmas I sold a Tigger costume for $9.95 +shipping! How about that! 

These BORN boots came from the outlet costing $1.09 a pound. They sold for $34.95 +shipping. 

This Littlest Petshop house also came from the Outlet at $0.79 a pound. It sold for $19.95 +shipping. 

This Coach dust cover sold for $15 +F/S.

This is a Barney's New York 100% Cashmere sweater. The lady I sold this to sent me three offers on the sweater (to which I counter offered) she declined my last counter offer and then purchased the sweater for the full price of $35. Shortly thereafter she messaged me and said that PayPal wasn't giving her the 10% discount that she was supposed to get and that she hoped it fit so she didnt' have to return it.. Thankfully though upon receiving the sweater she left positive feedback. Bullet dodged! 

I always pick up Popples no matter the condition! This one came from the outlet and sold for a best offer of $15.46 +shipping. 

These were my aunts when she was little! They sold for $30 +shipping. 

This Fossil purse also came from the outlet and sold for a best offer of $20 +F/S.

These J. Crew heels came from the Outlet in Virginia. They sold for a best offer of $22.50 +shipping. 

I LOVE picking up vintage board games! This one sold for $22 +shipping. 

I found a set of two of these Utah Jazz pillow cases at the Goodwill. They were $0.99 each and they finally sold for $25 +shipping. 

I debated not getting these Harley boots when I found them at the Outlet because they were super heavy and super worn. But I'm glad I did! They sold for $54.95 +shipping! 

Lastly, this is probably the only Gucci piece I will ever find.. It is a dust cover that the thousand dollar shoes come in. I find this so ridiculous. Its a bag for your shoes or a bag for your bag, and it brings quite a bit of money! This one sold for $20 +F/S!

Well that's it for me! I hope to be posting some more this weekend after my Goodwill Outlet trip! I hope y'all have had a great December and have a Happy New Year!