Sunday, March 29, 2015

Indiana Yardsale Haul and MORE! 3/27-3/28/15

I'm home!! We made it back safely from our weekend yard sale trip to Indiana! This year, it was so COLD! We got to yard sale while it was snowing! I didn't let that bother me though!

We spent Thursday and Friday hunting for some eBay reselling treasures, and I can honestly say I racked up! I spent a total of $160 and after looking everything up, I should make around $1,000+! WOOHOO!

Here's what my basement looked like when we brought all our finds inside!


Our house looked like a junk hole! After everything was sorted and put away, this is what I was left with to resell on eBay. You can't see it all, but it's A LOT! I probably have 25 pairs of shoes in the larger box!

But! Here's what we've been waiting for! A HAUL VIDEO!! Yes! Finally it has been created! I don't show EVERYTHING I bought, because that would take days, but I hope you all enjoy my rambling!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sales Update 3/17-3/24

Hey everyone! I'm back with another sales update! I hope you all are making TONS of money this month! The weather is finally getting ready for YARD SALE SEASON! Yes! It is 75 degrees right now here in Kentucky!! I am SO excited about getting to go to garage sales instead of Goodwill. The prices at the Goodwill just continue to become even more outrageous, and I'm absolutely tired of it!

Starting Thursday, me and my family will be heading to Indiana to hit up this awesome community wide yard sale that we attend every year! I ALWAYS find tons of great stuff! Last year, I had just got into eBay full time, so I didn't pick up much to resell. This year though, I'm READY! I have my list made, I've been studying some BOLO's on other blogs, and I am totally prepared to hit up some sales and make a fortune! I'll be sure and share my haul with you all once we get back home and unloaded!  Maybe in video form!

The sales this past week have been somewhat slow.. But at least I've had some sales!
I've sold 12 items since my last post for a total of $177.65 before fees.
I'm still not making too much, but it's enough right now to pay my monthly car payments and phone bill and still have enough left over to spend on date nights and trips!

Here's what I sold!

1 Tube 315 makeup - Best offer of $7.95 +F/S
1 Tube 315 makeup - $8.95 +F/S

I'm wanting to try my hand at flipping shoes on eBay, so I picked up these wooden naturalizer slip ons for $3. They sold for $8 +shipping. I think I need to study the shoe market a bit more..

I sold these vintage 90s Tommy Hilfiger overalls of my sisters for $39.95 +shipping to Norway. BOLO!

I picked this Ralph Lauren plate up at my favorite Goodwill for $0.50. It sold for a best offer of $15.00 +shipping.

This kit to make one quilt block sold for a best offer of $3 +shipping.

Not sure who gave me this.. It's been listed for ages. It sold for $12.95 +shipping

I picked up this Patagonia polo at my favorite Goodwill for $3. It sold for $14.95+shipping.

Another microwave plate! Love selling these! This one sold for $14.95 +shipping.

This is a Wee Sing America CD, Cassette, Song Book combo. I picked it up at the Goodwill Outlet. It sold for a best offer of $10 +F/S

These were my aunts. They sold for a best offer of $17 +F/S

I found this Land's End cashmere sweater at my favorite Goodwill for $3. It sold for $24.95 +shipping to UK.

That's all for me guys! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Sales Update 3/10-3/16

Spring break has officially ended, so school must begin again.. I am so glad that we are over halfway done with the semester!  This is week 10 out of 16, so not much more to go! This week my goal is to get *most* of my clothing items measured, photographed, and at least half of them listed.

March started out with a bang, but it has quickly came to a halt. No sales the past 4 days. I haven't been listing anything either.. So that could be why. We will see if that's the case!

Here's my sales from the 10th-12th:

I LOVE board games! Probably because I like to play them before they sell! I didn't get to test this one out since it sold so fast! This Clue game came from the Goodwill Outlet, so I probably paid $1-$2 give or take for it. It sold for $25 +shipping to Canada.

Here's another Goodwill Outlet find! This whole Build A Bear outfit cost me less than $0.50. It sold for a best offer of $12 +shipping.

I just LOVE the Goodwill Outlet! Most of my recent sales have been from items I have bought there a little while back, including these two Tupperware pieces. They both sold for $10 +shipping. They also cost me less than $0.50.

This Jos. A. Bank cashmere sweater vest was picked up at my favorite Goodwill for $5. I know I priced it way too low since it sold so quickly.. Sold for $15 +shipping. New they sell for $80... Live and learn I guess!

Another Goodwill outlet find! Ties are abundant at the outlet. You can probably get 60+ ties for around $4 since they don't weigh anything. GREAT deal! This Brooks Brothers Makers tie sold for $7.50 +Shipping.

 Another tie! This one sold for $7 +shipping.

 That's it for my sales the past week! I hope you all are doing MUCH better than I am on eBay!

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Thanks for reading!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Brilliant Bicycle Invite A Friend Contest

Hey everyone! I'm back with a somewhat unusual post! I have entered in a Invite-A-Friend bicycle giveaway! If I can get 99 unique email addresses to go through my referral link, I will win a FREE $399 single speed bicycle! I'm thinking COLLEGE! Perfect for when I leave home to go to a big campus! PLEASE share this LINK! The contest is over on March 22nd, 2015. So I have TEN days to reach my goal! I will be updating this post DAILY and tallying up the amount of friends I have invited.

This is a legit contest from a new site called Brilliant Bicycle. They are doing this giveaway in honor of their new site launch!

Here is my link if you'd like to help me out! CLICK HERE! All you have to do is enter your email address. No personal information is required! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH! I hope I can reach the goal!


Here's where I will post how many referral's I have received so far! 


Currently we are up to... : 97! That's ALMOST there! YES!!!!! Be sure and tell your friends about this post! 1 day left! Thank you SO much to everyone that has subscribed already!

Monday, March 9, 2015

SPRING BREAK! Sales Update 3/1-3/9

Today is the beginning of Spring Break for us college kids! I know I don't have too many classes, but I am very excited that I don't have to worry about writing any papers or taking any quizzes for a while! This week will solely focus on listing and thrifting as well as planting a few seeds in the greenhouse. (Hurry up SPRING! We're tired of the snow!!)

March is starting out GREAT for me! I've only had one unpaid item case to open, but besides that, I've had almost $200 in sales! I'm working towards making $100 in sales PER DAY! Wouldn't that be nice?! I'm hoping if I bust my butt this week and get everything I've been hoarding over the last year listed, my sales will jump! I've noticed that the more I list, the more I sell, so if that trend continues, it should definitely help me out!

I've sold 15 items since the beginning of March:

4 tubes of Covergirl makeup for a best offer of - $22 free shipping
2 tubes of Covergirl makeup - $15.90 - free shipping

I hope I can find another makeup deal at the yardsales this year! We have done AMAZING with that investment!

I'm not sure where I picked these hooks up at.. I know they were $1.95 because they still had the Goodwill sticker on them! My mom may have bought them for me.. They sold for a best offer of $15 +shipping.

I found this Vera Bradley ID wallet at the Goodwill for $1.50, it sold within a day for $12.99 +shipping.

This Ralph Lauren shirt was picked up last year when I had just started selling, so I took a best offer of $10 +shipping to get rid of it. I think I paid around $2.50 for it. 

 Mom picked up this Walt Disney World tote bag at a yardsale for $0.50, and it sold for $12.95 +shipping. I have GREAT luck with anything Disney related.
 This antique cars tie was found at the Goodwill Outlet, so I probably paid around $0.10 or so for it. It sold at auction for $5 +shipping.  I was hoping it would go for more. Oh well!
 I've had these pants FOREVER, but I never got around to listing them until last week. I paid $0.10 for them at a yardsale, and they sold for $12.95 +shipping to Canada.
 These pink capris were my moms, I took a best offer of $7.50 +shipping.
 My grandma picked this butterfly Jell-O mold up at the yardsale for me, and it sold for $18 +free shipping. I was very shocked it sold for so much! I see these things EVERYWHERE!

This cap was picked up at the Goodwill Outlet, and sold at auction for $10 +shipping.
 Here's another cap I picked up at the Outlet! It sold for $20 +shipping! Baseball caps are something I will now be looking for at yardsales! Easy to store, easy to ship, and they're always dirt cheap at sales!
 I'm STILL selling ornaments from my haul last year! I'm sure I've made more than ten times my money on my initial $30 investment on these! I have around 20 or so left. This one sold for $14.95 +shipping.  

Finally, another Goodwill Outlet find. I LOVE finding board games, probably because I like to play them before I sell them. This one sold for a best offer of $7 +shipping.  This may seem like a low price point for some of you larger sellers, but I am happy with any profit I can get! Every dollar helps pay a bill!

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope your March is starting out as great as mine is!

Monday, March 2, 2015

End of the Month Sales Update and a Happy Birthday to ME!

Hey everyone! I'm back, on my birthday, to share a quick end of the month sales update with you all!
This months sales were pretty decent. I'm working on tallying up my final profits right now, but on eBay, it says my total sales for this month ended up being around $590 before shipping and fees.
I sold a total of 33 items this month.
That averages out to around $18 an item! I'm getting closer to my $20 average!

Here's my biggest sale for the month!

I picked up this vintage Panasonic flip clock for $0.50 and it sold for $75 +shipping within 2 weeks of listing! That's been my best flip in a while!
This month is starting out strong! 6 sales and 2 bids so far! I hope it's the best yet!
That's all for today guys! I'm going to get back to my listing! (I got a free listing promotion on my birthday! What a coincidence!)
Have a WONDERFUL rest of the week! I'll be back soon with another post!