Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sales Update 3/15-3/25

Hey everyone! I hope March sales are treating you well! I sure know mine have been! My sales have been absolutely BOOMING lately! I know they could be much much better though if I'd sit and list daily like I should! (Slacker here, I know). 

I love that I've switched my game over to mainly clothing. I love sourcing pieces and the photographing and measuring part doesn't really seem to bother me. I've noticed that it's a great market to be in and it's really helped pick up my sales! 

Since the 15th I've had 40 sales!!! How awesome is that?!?! I've almost had 100 for the month! That would be a record for me!! Check it out! 

Also, I recently went to local thrift and got THREE trash bags full of vintage dresses for $20!! Yes that's right, TWENTY DOLLARS!!! I got 38 pieces! I can't wait to start researching and photographing these beauties!! 

That's all for me! I have to hurry and get back to listing! Have a great week everyone!! 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Weekend Sales 3/11-3/14

WOW!!!! I can NOT get over the amount of sales I've had this weekend!!!! I've had $811 in sales since the beginning of the month! So if that continues, I should make about double what I've been making! I am absolutely amazed at the things that have sold. Some SUPER old stock sold AT FULL PRICE and lots of my new listings have sold! I've been accepting LOTS of offers and boy, has it helped! 

Here's the numbers!
Sales since Friday: 20! (2 are still awaiting payment) 

I am loving it!!!!! I hope sales stay this steady!!!! 

How was your weekend?? Hopefully as good as mine! 
Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Goodwill Outlet Haul 3/4

Good morning everyone! I'm a little late on sharing my latest haul, but it's better late than never! Last Friday me, my sister, and my boyfriend drove down to Nashville to meet my aunt and grandma at the outlet! I spent a little over $80 and got all kinds of great things! 

Here's a picture of the things I bought. I forgot to lay the clothes out on the floor before I hung them up, so you can't really see the details, but you can still see the amount! 

This tote full and about 10-15 packs of brand new puppy pads cost me around $40-$45! 

I got 71 pieces of clothing for around $30! 

I think I've shared with you all before how much my boyfriend HATES the Outlet. I convinced him to take us that Friday and I am SO glad that I did! He definitely has luck finding things that's for sure! 

After we had went out and ate lunch, we went back into the Outlet to go through the clothing bins. When we walked in I found this Scooby Doo comic. I handed it to Derek because he likes all things Scooby Doo. He walked around and looked it over and we accidentally bought it! THANK GOODNESS we did! My mom saw it and looked it up when we got home, before I let Derek take it home of course, and we found out it was worth $150-$300!! It is the very first Scooby Doo comic ever made! I can't believe it! 

So that's it for my haul! Look like I should have over $2,000 in return! 

Thanks for reading!! 

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sales Update 3/1-3/7

Hello hello everyone! I'm back with a quick sales update! Things have been super slow lately. I don't know what the deal is with this slump! It's probably because I took last week off.  I'm back at it this week though! I've gotten 36 new listings up and I'm aiming for atleast 100 new by the end of the week! 

I sold 10 items this week for a total of $190, leaving me with a profit of $141 after my fees and shipping costs. I'm really needing my sales to be at atleast $250 a week, so I'm getting there. Slowly but surely. 

Here's the 10 items that sold! 

This Lauren Ralph Lauren wool sweater came from the Outlet. It sold for $30 +shipping. 

These North Face Hiking pants sold for $30 +free shipping. 

This Victoria's Secret top sold for $14.95 +F/S

This pattern of Vera Bradley is super rare and sells for a good amount of money! This small eye glass case sold for $12.95 +F/S.

My aunt picked this Lauren Ralph Lauren sweater up for me. It sold the same day I listed it for $19.95 +F/S.

I've jumped on the bra train! This one sold for $14.95 +F/S.

These 2XL Eddie Bauer pajama pants also sold really fast! They sold for $14.95 +F/S.

This J. Crew button up sold for $17.50 +F/S.

I had this Sears slip listed for $12.95 +F/S, and shortly received an offer of $12.50! Ummm yes!! Why can't all offers be like that?! 

I picked up two of these vintage dresses at the outlet, this one sold quickly for $20 +F/S.

That's all for me! I've got to go fix supper and get some more listing done! What did you sell this week? 
Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Update 2/11-3/1

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry once again for not posting regularly. Things have been pretty crazy around here the past few weeks and I can never find the time to sit down and blog. I love sharing my eBay life with y'all and I'm sorry that I've let it slip and put my updates on the back burner. But! That being said, I plan on updating you today on a few things and then share some of my best sales and profits from February! 

Yesterday was my 18th birthday, so now that I'm at the required age, I was able to put my eBay account in MY name! I was so excited! 

Check it out! My names on the packages now! 

To celebrate my birthday, my fantastic boyfriend took me to the Dixie Stampede! If you've never been, I would highly recommend going! It's a blast for all ages! 

I've not done any listing this week whatsoever. I'm going to try to get about 20 new listings up today, before I go to the Goodwill Outlet tomorrow. I'm down to about 150 active listings because I'm stingy like that and don't want to pay for my insertion fees. Lol! I have saved thousands of dollars waiting for promotions so that I can re-list my old items for free. It's not the best thing for everyone, but it works for me. If I can ever get a promo, I'll have close to 700 active listings. That's the most I've ever had! 1,000 is right around the corner! 

I told my aunt I'd share her in this HIDEOUS fur coat the last time we went shopping! Would you have bought this?? It was only $6! ;) LOL! On this trip, I spent $90. It was crazy. I've not spent that much at the regular goodwill in ages! But I did make it all back that night! I sold this Anthropologie sweater on poshmark within a couple hours of listing it. I like it when I make all my money back in one night! 

February sales were about average or Maybe even a little better than usual. I had over $1,000 in profit after my shipping costs (I offer free shipping mostly now), eBay fees, and PayPal fees, but after all of the expenses I had this month, (lots of goodwill shopping), I cleared a little over $800 for the month. Not too bad! My goal is to make ATLEAST minimum wage, so I'm happy with that number. I'm hoping to grow it over the next few months, before college starts officially this fall. 

Hopefully I can continue selling on eBay when classes start, but it may be too much for me to be able to continue at this scale. We will see.. Highschool graduation is only 2 months away! Woo-hoo! I can't wait to graduate and begin the college life. I'm super excited about the field I've chosen to go into and can't wait to see what's in store for me there. 

I may try and post some of my best sales from February a little later, but for now, I best go and package up a few things before the mail runs! 
Thanks for reading everyone and for putting up with my sporadic posting! :)