Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Are You an EBay Blogger?

Hey everyone! 

I'm back again, looking for some new blogs to add to my "Other Blogs You May Like" list, on the right hand side of my page! If you're an active eBay Blogger and you aren't already on my Blog role, please comment your name and the link to your blog below so I can check out your blog and add you to my list! 


Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Goodwill Outlet Trip September 12, 2015

Hey everyone! I'm back with a somewhat different post. On the 12th, me, my mom, and my aunt went to the Goodwill Outlet! I spent $109 and got all kinds of GREAT stuff. Here's a couple pictures of our vehicle when we left. 

We were loaded down! Some of my finds include a Nordstrom Cashmere scarf, TONS of Halloween costumes, Thirty-One purses and wallets, a Lucky Brand purse, Mens Harley Davidson boots, Lauren Ralph Lauren shirts, Miche purse covers and much much more! 

Here's the craziest thing I found: 

Yes! After I took pictures of this Thirty One wallet and began listing it, for some reason I looked in the inside pockets and was surprised to find FIFTEEN DOLLARS! Considering the weight of the wallet, I probably only paid $0.50! It's funny too because I didn't notice the cash when I took all the pictures of the wallet. Imagine how happy my buyer would have been if I had never checked all the pockets! This is a first for me! I will NOW be checking every wallet I come across at the Outlet! LOL! 

If you're interested in seeing exactly what I bought, I am listing the haul now! So check out my newly listed items HERE to see all the awesome deals that I got! (The Chacos were the first things from the Outlet that I listed, so anything from the top down to the Chacos came from the Outlet!)Be sure you check back often, as I will be trying to get the whole haul (clothing excluded) listed before tonight! 

Hope you all are having a GREAT week!!!
Thanks for reading! 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

September Sales Update 2015

Hey everyone!
I'm just getting back from a week long beach vacation and I am ready to be back into my eBay routine! I'm so sorry I've not posted any this month! Sales have been pretty good (except for the week I was on vacation). I also went the Goodwill Outlet last Saturday and scored some GREAT deals! I spent $100 and should clear around $1,000 in profit if it all sells. (More on that later!) 

Here's my September numbers! 

Number of sales: 27
Amount before fees: $512.18
Returns: (-$45 because the shoes didn't fit.)

This new Jos. A Bank tie came from the Goodwill Outlet. It sold for a best offer of $12 +shipping.

This purse also came from the Goodwill Outlet. It sold for $17 +F/S.

This Pfaltzgraff dip cooler came in a box of stuff of my great uncles. It sold for $19.95 +shipping. 

I bought these Cole Haan shoes at a garage sale for $1. They sold for a best offer of $20 +F/S. 

This Ralph Lauren Hawaiian shirt came from my favorite Goodwill! I paid $3 for it and it sold for $20 +shipping. 

Here's another shirt from my favorite Goodwill! It cost me $3 and it sold for $15 +shipping. 

I sold TEN tubes of this Covergirl makeup for $7.95 a tube. So a total of $79.50 +F/S. 

This R2D2 dog harness came from the Goodwill Outlet as well. It sold for $15 +shipping. 

Another Goodwill Outlet find! (I always get some GREAT stuff there.) This Laurel Burch purse sold for a best offer of $15 +shipping. 

I found these L.L. Bean shoes for $1 at a yardsale. They sold for $20 +shipping. 

I found this brand new AT&T Answering machine for $3 at a thrift store. It sold for $38 +F/S.

Yet another Goodwill Outlet score! These Clarks shoes sold for $15 +shipping. 

And another Goodwill Outlet find.. Lol I love the Outlet! This Apple blue tooth wireless keyboard sold for $39.99 +shipping. 

Finally, these Sony Walkman FM/AM radio headphones sold for $29.99 hours after listing. I paid $1 for them at a thrift store! 

That's it for me! I hope your alls sales are doing as great as mine are! 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August End of Month Tally

WOW! August is finally over and I have officially beat my total profit record! I'm so excited to share my numbers with you guys! 

I didn't post my July tally last month because of how poor the numbers were. My final profit last month was only $367.05, but I did spend $225 on new inventory (which really shows this month!) 

So! Here's my August numbers! 

Total number of sales: 63 items
Total amount before fees + shipping: $1,682.35
Shipping Costs: -$326.91
EBay and Paypal fees: -$200.50
Costs (New inventory & commission sales): -$100.16
Refunds: $0
Store Subscription: -$15.95
Final Profit:  +$1,007.82

So there you have it! I have had an AWESOME month! 
I'm hoping to have 100 sales next month and get my store inventory up from 625 to 700. 
What are you goals for September??
Thanks for reading!