Saturday, July 26, 2014

Yard Sale and Goodwill Haul Friday 7/26

Hey everyone! I'm back with a quick yard sale haul from yesterday! Me and Derek hadn't done anything much all week, so Friday we left my house at 7 in the morning to go on a date! We stopped at 2 estate sales, tons of yardsales, and goodwill. Most kids our age would be going on movie dates, or to parties, but we're just the odd ones out of the bunch I guess!  I did take him out to Red Lobster for lunch, so overall it was a GREAT day. 

Here's a few of the things we found! 

Two Vera Bradley pieces, and one Thirty One wallet. I think I paid $11 for all of this. Should make atleast $40 for all, maybe a bit more.

I found this Jansport vintage backpack for $2. I'm not sure if I'm going to mail it back to Jansport for a new one, or just sell it as it is. The vintage ones seems to sell for $30-$60+. 

Derek found this bar of soap.. I wouldn't have thought twice about picking it up. One bar sells for $13! 

I found this Ralph Lauren tote bag. It needs to be cleaned up, but it was SO worth the $1 I spent on it! 

I picked up this scrabble game for $2. 

I found this ADORABLE Remington typewriter! And guess what? I only paid $3!! Such a score!!!  Not sure if I'm going to keep it or not.. I may put it in the 127 sale this next weekend and see if I can sell it there! 

Of course I had to buy some coffee mugs.. I was very selective though. I paid $3 for all of these. I got one Otagiri mug, one Waechetersbach, a tweety bird one, a Casablanca mug, and a 22K gold John Adams mug.

I saw on Kimberly's Blog that some caps seem to do well. So I thought I'd try my hand at it. I picked up all four of these for $0.25 each. 

I picked up this NFL-opoly game for $2. I didn't see any new ones on eBay, so I'm hoping it'll be a quick sell! 

That's all for me guys and gals! I hope ya'll are having a good week! I just got an email for free listings so I'm going to get to it! 
Thanks for reading everyone!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sunday Sales Update 7/14-7/20

Hey everyone! I'm back with another sales update! This week was definitely a GREAT week for me!  I only went one day this week without selling anything.

I had 21 sales this week.
Total sales before fees: $440.77
2 Unpaid item cases. (-$24.50) (One just closed as I was typing the post! LOL!)
So make that 1 unpaid item case. (-$18.00)
1 International Sale

The unpaid item case... Someone bought a Vera Bradley diaper bag from me that I got at the Goodwill Outlet. We sent a few offers back and forth and settled on $18. A few minutes later they sent me a message wanting to mail me a check, and then when I said no, a money order.. How on earth would you deal with this situation?? The buyer has ZERO feedback... My description says Paypal only.. So frustrating..

But anyways! This has been my best week yet! My highest item sold was a homeschool computer software disc. It sold for $54 F/S.

Me and Derek went "halfers" on this porcelain sign. We spent $12 total on it and it sold for $51 + shipping at auction. 

I sold this Covington red robe for $17.95 +shipping.

I sold this Stanley belt buckle for $15 +shipping. I bought 3 belt buckles for $5 a while back. I gave one to my cousin and the other is in my store! 

I sold this Trivial Pursuit ornament for $19.95 F/S. I paid $0.50 for it.

I've sold a ton of ornaments this week. This one sold for $15.95 F/S. I still have a lot left, but I think most of them will sell a little closer to Christmas. 

My mom bought a box of books for $20 at an auction. This was in the box, and it sold for a best offer of $15 F/S.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you had a good week like I did!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Amazon FBA Program Do YOU use it?

Hey everyone!
  I was going to go to walmart and a few other places tomorrow, and I was thinking about signing up for the Amazon FBA program. I've read a lot of good things about it, and it seems to be pretty much hassle free. (Besides all the label printing, and shipping). Do any of you use the Amazon FBA program? Please post in the comments or contact me directly if you do!

A few of my questions would be:
  • Where do you source your items?
  • What items do you seem to sell the most of?
  • How are the items priced on Amazon?
  • What do you need to get started?
  • Do the fees make it worth it?
Thanks for reading the post everyone! Hope ya'll are having a GREAT week!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Sunday Sales Update 7/7-7/13

Hey everyone! I'm back with a quick sales update! This weeks been my worst in a really long time. I went three days with ZERO sales. I listed a ton yesterday hoping that will help sell some more. We'll see.

I had 12 sales this week. 
Total before fees: $240.10
1 cancelled transaction. (-$32.50)
No international sales. 

I always hate when someone cancels an order. It seems so unfair sometimes. This person ordered a brand new water bed heater. I had it priced at $50, and we sent back and forth a few offers until we settled on $32.50. Then, 5 minutes later she said she didn't need it anymore... Oh well. Hopefully someone else will buy it. 

Anyways! On to some sales!! 

I sold this Elf On the Shelf skirt kit for $8.95 +shipping. 

Me and boyfriend LOVE to go yardsaling together. And recently, he's started looking for things to put on eBay to make a little extra cash. Well, that just wasn't going to work for me. He would find something and come to me and tell me how much it was worth, and of course, I'd want to steal it from him to sell for myself. That was definitely going to cause some problems... So my mom came up with the idea to go in halfers on a few things. We loved the idea!

So one weekend we spent a total of $25 ($12.50 each), and bought a few things. One of them being 29 tubes of discontinued Covergirl makeup. We spent $10 total on all 29. Within 24 hours of listing, we sold 7 tubes for $45.50! 

Here's another lot of A Beka books. This one sold for $50 +shipping. 

I sold this lot of seashell shower curtain hooks for $6.25 +shipping. I always pick these up when I'm yardsaling. Most of the time they're an easy $10 profit. 

Finally, I sold this lighthouse. I really dislike this thing... It sold for $17.95 +shipping. 
Last night, me and Derek were packaging it up to be shipped, when I realized I forgot to calculate the box dimensions in the price of shipping... Rookie mistake. The box measured 12X12x20. Shipping jumped from $8.29 to $26! UGH! It was packaged up so nice and pretty in two priority mail boxes... So it's all got to be redone and shipped parcel post. Such a headache. 

Well that's all everyone! I hope you've enjoyed reading, and have a great week!


I'll try not to rant as much next week, and keep the post short and sweet. :) 

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

A Late Sunday Sales Update! 6/30-7/6

Hey everyone! I'm a couple days late posting my sales update.. I've been SUPER busy this 4th of July weekend! Friday we had a cookout and went and watched fireworks. Saturday me, mom, Derek, Mattie, and my grandma went to Somerset, KY yardsaling, and we went to 2 Goodwills (I have a story to tell you about that in a minute). Then Sunday, we went to church, then left for Nashville! We went to the goodwill outlet! Then Monday we went to the Nashville zoo, and then to bible school that night! It was a super packed weekend!

So, here's the Goodwill story... My little sister is turning 10 in a few weeks, and all she has been asking for is ANOTHER American Girl doll. Well, Saturday when we went to Somerset, we went into the Goodwill and found TWO American Girl dolls. She was going crazy. They were $25 each. So I bought them both, with plans of reselling them, but Mattie went nuts and cried and said I had to give them to her! So she ended up getting them both 2 weeks before her birthday. I was a little upset because that would've been some nice profit to put towards my trip in September! (I'm going to Michigan with some senior citizens! Details soon!) But I'm glad I made her happy.

At the Goodwill outlet, we spent $49 on 77 pounds of items! I got TONS of Vera Bradley, Lucky Brand purses, Scrabble Tiles, and all kinds of other treasures!

Here's me, mom, and Mattie all packed up and ready to go to the zoo! Notice Mattie holding the two American Girl dolls...
It wasn't a very large zoo. It had more farm animals than exotic animals. Which was kindly weird.. But it was still a great trip!
Here's a few of my favorite pics! I love having an Iphone! 

But anyways! On to the sales update!

I sold 13 items this week.
Total sales before fees: $ 170.65
No negative feedbacks.
No returns.

Pretty awesome week! I need to get my sales amount up to about $500 a week since I'm fixing to start making car payments, and I now have a phone bill!

I sold these black cowboy boots for $11 +shipping. Paid $1.

I sold another lot of A Beka books for $40 +shipping.

I sold these pinecone shower curtain hooks for $13.45 +shipping. Paid $1 at Goodwill.

I sold this Wilton Dora cakepan for $8.95 +shipping. I can't remember what I paid for it.. Probably a dollar? 

Sorry for the long sales update everyone! I hope you enjoyed reading! Have a great week!


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