Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Sales Update! 6/23-6/29

Hey everyone! I'm back with a quick sales update!

I had 14 sales again this week!
Total sales amount before fees: $229.43
No International Sales.
No Returns.

I sold 3 more ornaments this week bringing my total sales on those to $114. I still have 46 more ornaments left!
I also sold 4 microwave plates. Seems like every time I sell one, I sell a few more at the same time.
I sold 3 lots of A Beka homeschooling books. Since I'm homeschooled, I have TONS of these that I never use, so I'm selling them all this year before school starts. Those totaled around $100 in sales.

Here's a few other things I've sold this week!

I sold this Disney Winnie the Pooh plate and mug set for $9.95 +shipping.

I sold this youth Under Armour jacket for $16.69 +shipping. Paid $3 at Goodwill! 

I sold this Wedding planner FINALLY for $15 +shipping. Paid $2 at a yard sale.

That's all for this week! I hope sales stay this consistent since I'm fixing to have to start making car payments! I hope you have had a good week! Thanks for reading!
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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Vacation Bible School! 2014

Hey everyone! This week, my church has been having its yearly Vacation Bible School! This is the first year that I have been a teacher! Me and my friend Lashay, are in charge of teaching the kids music! It is SO much fun! We get to lead them in songs like the B-I-B-L-E, and I'm in the Lord's Army. We have had around 30-40 kids every night. It's such a blessing to see them coming in eager to sing and learn songs about the Lord!

My mom has been in charge of crafts, and she picked out the absolute BEST craft ever. All of the kids get to paint an 11 by 14 canvas! Last night, each child painted a Bible verse on their canvas. Pictures to come soon!

 Tonight is the last night, where we have a big cookout and play games. I can not wait to go back! It has been such an amazing week to get to work with the kids and they have truly blessed my heart.

We had a GREAT amount of people to show up!
And if you look wwwaaayyy in the back you can see my extremely tall 6'7" boyfriend wearing his blue Jesus Saves t-shirt!

The kids really get into some of the songs!

This little girl has been such a help to me this week. Lashay couldn't make it one night, so she volunteered to lead singing with me! She knows the songs better than I do! 

Last night was a blast. The canvases are coming together nicely, and I think the kids are all going to walk away with some AWESOME memories. I hope they all have had as great a week as I have.

Thanks for reading everyone!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Have you ever been on the Worlds Longest Yard Sale?

Hey everyone! Have any of YOU ever been on the 127 sale? It is the worlds longest yard sale extending from Michigan to Alabama! 690 Miles! The sale starts on the first Thursday in August through Saturday! I live right next to highway 127, so I always make it a priority to go every year! I don't travel the full 690 miles, but I try and cover as much ground as possible! I always find tons of treasures. The sellers have everything from clothing to vintage furniture, to toys, to everything else you can imagine finding!

This year, I'm going to be setting up in Tennessee with a dear friend. She sets up every year, and has been for as long as I can remember!

 I was wondering if any of you had ever been on this yard sale? I'd love to hear if you have and some of your awesome finds!
You can read more about this upcoming sale HERE.

Thanks for reading everyone! Hope you're having a good week!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Sales Update 6/14-6/22

Hey everyone I'm back with another sales update! I normally post these updates on Fridays.. But seems like I'm busy every weekend either yardsaling, vacationing, or just being a normal teenage girl and hanging out with my boyfriend. So, I've decided to have my sales updates on Sunday evenings so that I can be more consistent with my posting. 

I had a total of 14 sales this week.
One unpaid item case.
One international sale.
One cancelled transaction.

Total sales amount this week (before fees): $163.75
Total spent on new inventory Friday: $14.50

I sold these GAP capri pants for $19.95 +shipping.

I bought these Madeline Stuart over the knee boots from the Goodwill Outlet back in March. They finally sold for $29.95 +free shipping.

About 2 weeks ago, I met with a lady from our Facebook yardsale group, and I bought a trash bag of clothes and this wallet for $25. The wallet sold for $34.95 +free shipping.

These juniors Angels jeans came from that same lot of stuff, they sold for $19.95 +free shipping.

Lots of good sales this week! I hope ya'll have had a good week too! I'll be back soon with a quick haul post. Stay tuned for that! Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out my eBay store by clicking this link.
Oh! Before I forget! This last week, I achieved power seller status!! :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

BOLO Alert! ~Ugly Christmas Sweaters~

Hey everyone! I'm back with a quick BOLO alert! I recently bought a few Ugly Christmas Sweaters to try out on eBay, and I thought I'd share some completed listings with you all! All of these sweaters sold THIS MONTH! For some reason, they sell all year round. Size and brand doesn't seem to matter., just the tackiness of the sweater!

This Christmas sweater sold for $24.99! The brand is SKYR size Medium.

This candy cane sweater sold for $21.99! 

This ugly Christmas cardigan sold for $29.99! This brand was Cabin Creek size Small.

They also sell well in lots! This lot of 16 Ugly Christmas Sweaters sold for over $61! 

I picked up these 7 sweaters to try and sell. I paid under $2 for them all! I hope they do well! Some of them aren't "tacky" but someone may still want them.

What about you? Do you sell ugly Christmas sweaters? I'd love to hear some of your finds and sales if you do! Please post in the comments below!
Thanks for reading everyone! I hope your having a wonderful week!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Friday Sales Update 6/7-6/13

Hey everyone! I have been super busy the past few days! That's why I'm a little late on posting my  sales update. Friday, I had to take my dog to get groomed, and then that night, I went to a friends and brought home a truck load of stuff. Most I'll be putting in the 127 sale in August, but some things I'll be listing on eBay. I also got a HUGE wire store shelf from him, and a metal portable clothing rack! I was super excited about that.
 Then Saturday! I got up at 6:30 in the morning, got ready, and drove out to the high school to take the ACT.  That ended at 12:30, and my parents surprised me by picking me up and telling me we were going yardsaling! I was totally not prepared for that, but we had a good day. I didn't buy much, because I have probably 200 items on my new wire racks to list, but I did get a few good items.
 When we got to Cookeville, we went to the Goodwill, and met up with my moms sister, her kids, and my grandparents. We shopped around a bit, and I didn't find too much, but I did find an amber glass cake plate worth $32! That was probably my best find yesterday.
After Goodwill shopping, we went to Cici's pizza and met up with the rest of the family, and celebrated Father's Day. It was a good weekend, but I am super sick from all that pizza..

Anyways! On to the sales update!
I did pretty good this week. Lots of good sales!

I sold another ornament! This is a miniature Harley Davidson. It sold for $9.95 + free shipping.

I sold this pair of RYKA Walking shoes for $19.95 +free shipping

I sold this Citizens of Humanity denim skirt for $20 + shipping to Germany. Paid $3 at Goodwill! 

I sold this lot of two McDonald's Flintstones mugs for $14.95 +shipping the day after I listed them! Paid $2.

I sold these Grandco black sandals for $12.95 +free shipping

I sold these cowboy boots that I bought last week for $12.95 +shipping. Paid $1.

I sold this cowboy hat for $19.95 +free shipping. Paid $0.50.

Another ornament! Sold at auction for $35 +free shipping. This ornament paid for it all! Every other ornament I sell will be pure profit! 

I sold this lot of 4 Hardee's mugs for $19.95 +shipping.

I sold this lot of Vera Bradley for $51 +free shipping. Paid $1.

I sold this vintage 1971 Charlie Brown pillow case for $11.14 +shipping. Paid $1 at Goodwill.

Lastly, I sold another pair of the cowboy boots! I'm down to 2 pairs! Sold for $14.95 +shipping. paid $1.
I have had an AWESOME sales week! I hope ya'll have too!
Thanks for reading!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My EBay Storage Room!

Hey everyone! I'm back with a quick post showing ya'll my eBay room! I wish I had some before pictures! I used to set everything in the walk in closet, on a dresser, and on the bed! It was a total disaster when I had to find something to ship! I didn't even have room for all my boxes. They took up most of the basement. As in, I had boxes and bubble wrap laying everywhere. It was a mess. Now, I have everything in my little room and it's all neatly organized! Everything is in this one room except for my to-be-listed items and my computer. The room still needs a little work, like some extra lighting, but I am totally excited to have it cleaned out!

Okay! Here we go! 

Ta-da! If you had seen the mess before, you would be in awe. It is so much neater than it used to be! All of my younger sisters barbies and toys are gone (mostly), and you can actually see the floor for once! 

This is the shelf I keep the boxes I use most often on. Everything is nice and organized, and not piled up in my dark basement cellar! 

Here are my two LARGE metal shelves my uncle let me have! I just LOVE them! My basket of bubble wrap and air bags are in front of the trunk and one of the shelves, and like I said above, MOST of my sisters dolls are gone.. She didn't take these four. It's kindly creepy going in there alone and these things sitting there staring at you... 

My sister also left her troll collection.. I kinda like it though. They add a pop of color to the room. Also, my moms quilt she made in 1991 (I think) of course, featuring trolls! If Mattie would let me sell the trolls, I would be super happy! She has some with the original outfits that are worth some BIG bucks! But that'll never happen. She's part hoarder I'm sure.. 

Here's a close up of some of the items on my shelves. They're getting pretty full already! 

Here's my walk in closet. Filled with clothes as far as the eye can see. Not all are mine on eBay, just maybe half are listed. Most are just in there for storage. 

Lastly, here's my bookcase of books, and well.. Coffee mugs mainly. There's one tiny shelf on the bottom for books. The rest holds my never ending stash of mugs. I just love it. :) 

Moving out of my storage room, we find my listing area! Right here is where I bring my newly found treasures to be photographed and listed! I spend most of my day here listing, answering eBay questions, blogging, and of course reading some other blogs that I love! (listed to the right of your screen).

Here's what  I have left to be listed. Quite a lot considering the amount I listed last week! 

Finally, to close, this is my baby! She sits here with me and sleeps while I'm working. She is such a sweetheart! Her name is Cassie, she's a Long-Haired Toy Chi-Poo. 

Thanks for reading everyone!! I hope you all are having a marvelous sales week like I am! I'll be back tomorrow with a long sales update!
Happy thrifting! 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

SO much listing! Plus, a quick haul!

Hey everyone! Just a quick post letting ya'll know that I may not be as active on the blog this coming week! I am taking the ACT on Saturday, so I will be studying hard all week and putting eBay to the side. Starting last Monday, 'til yesterday (Friday), I listed a total of 131 items. It was an AWESOME week! I had so many great sales, and I brought home some nice items to list! Here's a few things I picked up. Some have already sold!

I bought this Stanley Limited Edition belt buckle for $1.50

I picked up 5 pairs of boys cowboy boots for $4.50. I paid $1 for these Faded Glory black cowboy boots, and just sold them for $12.50, plus international shipping of $19 to Canada! Brand doesn't always matter! If it's cute, it will sell! 
 Here's another pair of super cute boots. I should've priced them for more.. But they were worn, so I didn't think they would sell so fast! I listed them for $14.95 and got a best offer 20 minutes later for $12.50, so I was happy with that quick flip! I probably could've at least got $25 or more, but I only paid $0.50.  So I'm happy.

I bought this Dress Barn Petite cardigan for a QUARTER!! Yes! Only 25 CENTS!! SCORE!

I bought this vintage European style phone for $2. It is a replica, but! Most similar phones were selling for over $100!! I listed mine high, but I will lower it if it doesn't sell.

I found this Starbucks Coffee Ohio travel tumbler for only $0.50!
 Lastly, I bought this Mickey Disney store coffee mug for $1.

This is not even half of the items I bought Thursday! I scored some super great deals!
They're all listed in my eBay store if you'd like to check it out :)
Thanks for reading!

Oh! Before I forget! Today, me and my family redid my eBay selling room!! I am super excited! I'll be back soon with pics of it all!