Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Sales Update 5/19-5/25

Hey guys, sorry I'm a day late with my blogging. This 3 day weekend made me think yesterday was Monday... Silly me! But I'm back today with another week of sales!

Before we get started though, has anyone else received the 2,000 free listings promo?! I was beginning to think we were never going to get another one, but lo and behold one showed up yesterday morning, only a few days off schedule! I was super excited about this, because I don't EVER pay for insertion fees. I don't believe I should because: 1.) It cuts into my profits big time since I only get 150 free listings each month, and I have almost 540 items in my store and 2.) If eBay offers me free listings twice a month, I think I should just wait it out and use those when I need to relist old items! My plans for listing are this: list all the new items whenever I can throughout the month using my 150 free and only relist or sell similar when I get a free listing promotion. So far this tactic has worked out great for me and has saved me a ton of money! 

On another note, SUMMER IS HERE!! I finished my junior year of high school Friday! I'm super excited, because this summer, since the boyfriend has moved away, I will be spending practically ALL of my time eBaying, yardsaling, and going to estate sales and auctions! I know I've talked a lot about my college courses this past year, but yes, I am still in high school. I just took 12 hours this past year to get me a little ahead for when I do go to college full time. I've been a home schooled student for around 5 years now, and this has definitely given me plenty of time to work on my ever growing eBay business! I did have the option to graduate early this year, (at the age of 17!), since I've completed all the courses required to graduate high school, but instead of graduating a year early, I'm going to wait another year and spend my senior year applying for scholarships, taking 6 more college credit hours, and of course, working on eBay! This next year will bring a lot of changes into my life, but I'm for sure going to continue my eBay career. 

Anyways! Off of my life and onto the sales for this past week! 

Total number of items listed: 539 (I listed around 25 items yesterday!)
Total number of items sold: 18
Total amount before fees: $386.75
1 unpaid item case and 1 cancelled transaction totaling -$169.95
So that drops my weekly total down to: $216.80 for 16 sales. not bad, but not great either! 

So! My cancelled item.. I sold a vintage Brioni blazer for $149.95. The buyer messaged me two days later saying that they never bought the item and that it wasn't even their size! Oh well. That transaction got cancelled and the item is relisted... 

My sales this week mainly consisted of shoes. 

This pair of Under Armour shoes sold last week for $12, but the buyer never paid, so I relisted them, and they sold AGAIN for $12 +shipping. I paid $1-$2 I can't remember exactly..

I bought a boat-load of clothes last summer for like $0.50 a piece, and I JUST got them listed last week. This khaki vest sold for a best offer of $12.10 +shipping. 

These Nike cleats sold for $14.95 +shipping.

My aunt bought this Pamper Chef pizza stone for me at the Goodwill for $2. It finally sold for a best offer of $25 +shipping. 

This VAIL cap was given to me, and it sold for $12.95 +Shipping. Caps sell! 

My grandma gave me these Mudd heels. I sold them for $10 +shipping. 

 I bought these Born flip flops for $2. They sold for $25 +shipping. 

I sold these Puma high top sneakers for $25 +shipping. I paid $1 for them! 

Finally, my grandma gave mom this cat cake pan, and it sold for $12.95 +shipping to Australia. 

That's it for me everyone! I hope you all are having a great week and are excited for a great summer! 
Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sales Update 5/12-5/18

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a good week so far! Things around here have been pretty stressful for me the past few days because my boyfriend has officially moved 2 1/2 hours away and has began work. :( So the past few days have been spent yardsaling, moving him into his new apartment, and yardsaling some more! Also, Monday my dad had a birthday! So happy belated 50th birthday to my dad! 

Like I mentioned before, I went yardsaling quite a bit last week. I went on Thursday and Saturday and I found some pretty good deals! I've got a lot that I need to get listed now though. 
Currently I'm going through some clothes and like I said in my previous post, I HATE clothing. It's the worst thing to list, but there's money to be made there so I do it anyways! 

Here's the numbers from my last week of sales: 
Total number of sales: 15
Sales amount before fees:  $238.31
Three unpaid item cases are open totaling $40

I think this tie came from the Goodwill Outlet as well. It is a silk Brooks Brothers tie that sold for a best offer of $11.50 +shipping.

Halloween costumes sell year round! This costume sold for a best offer of $10 +shipping! 

I picked these Nike Air Cole Haan heels up at the goodwill for $3. They sold for a best offer of $25 +shipping. 

I've had this trench coat for a while now. It sold FINALLY for $59 +free shipping. Paid $5 at goodwill. 

Here's some more Build a Bear Workshop shoes! The clothing pieces sell much better than the bears for me. These shoes sold for $7 +Shipping. 

Well! That's it for me everyone! I'm going to hit the listings! My goal for today is to list at least 25 pieces of clothing! What's your goal for today??
Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Sales Update 5/5-5/11

I'm back again with another sales update! I'm still on a selling streak! WOO-HOO! I've only went one day in about 2-3 weeks without having a sale. My listing has slowed, but since finals are over I'm trying to list, list, list and of course sell, sell, SELL!! 
Right now I'm going through and listing all the shoes I bought back in March in Indiana. I hate clothing and shoes more than anything else that I sell on eBay because it's just so darn tedious! But hey, it still sells like everything else, so I'm going to make myself do it! 

This past weekend I didn't do any yardsaling. We went to an auction and bought lots of furniture and some box lots. Here's a few of the things we bought: 

(Found this Silver Dollar in a box lot!)

We bought six of these metal clothes racks. I kept two for me to have during the 127 sale, and the other 4 sold on the Facebook Yardsale super quick. 

If only these dishes were easier to ship on eBay... They don't sell very well online because of shipping, so they're on my local yardsale site. If they don't sell, you'll see them at the 127 sale this fall! 

Here's the big buy from the auction! This GORGEOUS bedroom suite. It's up for sale as well, but if it doesn't go, I think mom will keep it. 

As you can see, I didn't get much at all for eBay to resell. Just some larger pieces to go on the facebook yardsale and craigslist. 

This Thursday and Saturday I will be doing some major eBay yardsaling! I can't wait! I'll try and post a haul video if I find lots of goodies to flip. ;) 

But anyways! Onto the sales update! 

Here's what I've sold the past week:
Number of items sold: 18
Total amount before fees: $312.47

Here's a BOLO for everyone to add to their list! My sister bought this TJ Bearytales at a yard sale for $3. Apparently she saw another seller on a Blog mention this bear, so she bought it, and to our surprise it was worth a lot more than $3! It sold for a best offer of $60 +shipping.

I found this cross stitch kit in my trunk collecting dust. It still had the yardsale sticker on it from years ago. I paid $0.25 and sold it at auction for $15 +shipping. 

I picked this cross stitch kit up for $1 at a thrift store. It sold for $24.99 +shipping to Japan! 

Gotta love these microwave plates! This one sold for $14.33 +shipping! (The shipping was more than the plate!) 

My sister bought this Vera Bradley eye glass case somewhere for a dollar and it sold pretty quick for $9.95 +shipping. 

This Duke jersey that I picked up at the Goodwill for $3 sold for $34.95 +F/S. Woo-Hoo! 

Jansport backpacks are always a BOLO if they're $3 or less. My aunt picked this one up for $1 and it sold for a best offer of $15 +shipping. 

More scrabble tiles! The mini set of tiles sells for more money than the standard tiles, so always look for these! I paid $0.50 for the game and the tiles sold for $16 +F/S! 

Well that's all for me guys! I hope you are all having a great week like I am!
Thanks for reading! 

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Sales Update 4/27-5/4

Hey everyone! I hope you all are having a very prosperous week on eBay! My sales have slowed just a little, but that's expected towards the beginning of each new month. I seem to sell more at the end of the month, is it just my luck or does it happen to you too? 
I've not been listing as much lately either because life is currently keeping me away from wanting to work on eBay. I've been planting my garden, finishing up my college courses (last final is Thursday!), and then to top it all off my boyfriend is graduating college Friday and moving 2 1/2 hours away to work for Nissan within the next week, so we're soon to be apartment shopping for him, looking for furniture and all that exciting stuff that goes along with that. So yeah, there's lots of stuff going on this week! I'm going to try to hit up an auction Saturday though. Hopefully they'll have lots of box lots for me to scoop up for CHEAP!! 

Anyways! Here's some numbers for last week! 

Current number of items listed: 512
Number of sales since last post: 21
Sales amount before any fees: $358.83 (3 Unpaid Items -$60)

Here's some of the highlights! 

My Psychology book from last semester! I love that I can resell these books after paying a fortune for them, so atleast I can get a little money back. It sold for $45 +free shipping. 

I picked up this Ralph Lauren bag at a yardsale for $1. It sold for a best offer of $15 +shipping. This was last summer when I bought it, and as you can see from the picture, I wasn't as good with photographing and editing.. 

I love love LOVE Vera Bradley! It sells quick for me! This purse was $3 at the Goodwill. It sold for $15 +shipping. 

If you all watched my YouTube video, I talked about this flatware I bought for $2. It turned out not to be bakelite, but it still sold for $20 +shipping to Canada. 

Scrabble tiles are definitely a BOLO! This set was missing two pieces, but I picked it up for $1 and sold it for a best offer of $8.25 +shipping. 


I'm still selling neck ties from my Goodwill Outlet trip a while back! This one sold for $12 +shipping. 

Here's my BEST sale from the week! This Little Earth license plate purse. I picked it up at the Goodwill without looking it up just because I thought it was SUPER cute and I just loved it. Well lo and behold after looking it up on eBay it made it's way into my to be listed pile! This baby cost me $3 and sold for $69.95! I was THRILLED! It went to Alaska which I thought was strange since It's an Indiana purse.. But oh well! I've already received raving positive feedback as well! 

Finally ALWAYS pick up Paddington bears. This is the 2nd one I've sold, and like the first one, it sold super fast. I paid $0.50 for it at a thrift store, and it sold for $19.95 +shipping within a few days. Since the new movie came out, these are HOT sellers! 

That's it for me guys! I hope you all are selling like crazy! I just heard a Cha-Ching on my phone while typing this post! I'm going to do a little ACT studying, then I'm going to get to listing! Be sure, if you've not already, sign up on the right hand side of the page for email notifications. You'll receive one email every time I post so that you can stay updated! 
Have a great rest of the week! Thanks for reading! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

April's Final Numbers ~New Series~

Hey everyone! Since summer is almost here, and I will  be blogging more often, I'm going to begin a new monthly series on here, showing you guys EXACTLY what I profit each month! It won't be a long winded post, just some straight to the point numbers. So here we go! Let me know in the comments if you have any other ideas of blog posts (or videos!) that you would like to see! 

April's Numbers:
Totals sales amount (Item +Shipping): $1,045.52
Shipping Costs: -$236.24
EBay Fees: -$92.18
PayPal Fees: -$47.40
Expenses + Store Subscription: -$131.24
Final Profit:  $539.12

I'm pretty happy with that number! I'd like to increase my sales to around $1,000 a month though. I'm working harder to reach that goal! I hope you all had a great sales month too!
Thanks for reading!