Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Super Lame Sales Update 1/14-1/20

Hey everyone!  I'm back with yet another sales update. (You're all probably tired of them by now!) This week has been HORRIBLE. Absolutely AWFUL. It's my fault though. I only have 69 things listed. Yeah... that's the least I've ever had since I started years ago. I have over 400 items in the unsold section. I'm still waiting for a promotion.. Someone said we'd be getting another promotion somewhere towards the end of the month, so I'm praying for a free 30-day fixed price one! That would definitely get me motivated!

I went to my favorite Goodwill Thursday, and picked up TONS of great items to resell. One of which I picked up for myself and then found out it was worth a pretty penny. I just could not make myself keep it. I've got to keep the income coming in!

I'm hoping to work tonight after class and get everything I bought last week listed. We are planning on making a trip to the Goodwill Outlet soon! So hopefully I'll have it all listed before I haul home 100s of pounds of more junk  umm.... I mean treasures!

This week like I said, has been HORRID! I have had TWO Unpaid item cases open. I haven't had one of those in ages.

My total sales this week: 3

Yes. I have had only 3 sales.. Two of those have not paid... The one that did pay was only $7.... I need to motivate and get some more sales coming in!

I won't bore you with any pictures since there's not really anything to show..

I hope you all are having a MUCH better week than I am.

I'll be back soon HOPEFULLY with a haul video!! Stay tuned for that!


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Sales Update 1/7-1/13 and a Quick Question...

Hey everyone! I'm back on schedule with my sales updates! This week has been BUSY! I wish it were like this all year round! Somehow I'm still having a steady flow of sales despite me not listing anything.

College has officially started back, so I'm trying to get everything balanced to where I have time to get all of my work done along with keeping my store stocked.

I'm down to 145 items in my store. I know whatever isn't listed can't sell, but I can't constantly relist my unsold items, because I'd end up losing money! I'm trying to list 150 new items every month, and then only relist old items when eBay runs a promotion. So far it's worked pretty well for me.

I have listed a total of 56 items this month.
Number of items sold this week: 13
Total amount sold (before fees): $137.52
2 International sale this week.

Here's a few of my biggest sales this week!

I sold this Lynyrd Skynyrd cap for $15 +shipping to Spain. I picked it up for $0.25.

I'm not sure where I picked this cross stitch kit up at, but it finally sold for $14.95 +shipping.

I've had this game while. I think it was from the huge lot I sold back in 2011 when I first started eBay!
(You can read about my first eBay sale HERE!) 
The game sold for $16.96 +shipping.

I picked this up at Goodwill for $1.50. It sold for $12.95 +shipping.
Sorry for such a short post everyone! I've got to go start on an essay! I will try and be back Friday with a Goodwill haul post! OR here's my question.. What do you all think about me starting up a YouTube channel with my Goodwill hauls? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading everyone!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Sales Update 12/28-1/6 2015!!!

Hey everyone! I'm back with a quick sales update. The new year has been bringing customers in from everywhere! Items I've had listed around a year now are selling, and the newer items are too! I've been noticing a dramatic jump in sales every time I list 5-10 items, so I'm trying to keep that up! 

If I can get *most* of my high dollar items listed today and tomorrow, I'm going to go to my new favorite Goodwill Thursday! This Goodwill does not have very many knick knacks and household goods like I'm used to selling, but they do have clothes. LOTS of AMAZING brands and styles. Most Goodwills I go to, the clothes are EXTREMELY picked over. When I went to this one last Saturday I found cashmere pieces, Ralph Lauren, and even a $200 sports coat! I don't know if I came on a good day or what! I'm hoping it's just because resellers don't shop there! I'm wanting to get more into clothes instead of just selling the articles me and my family don't want anymore. I feel like there's a lot of money to be made in that category, but there is a lot of competition. Selling in clothes also requires A TON of research. I'm working on it, slowly but surely! 

Anyways! Sales!! They are picking up GREATLY! I LOVE January. It seems to be my all time best month every year. I'm hoping for a $1,000 month! We will see! 

I've had 22 sales since my last post. 
Total sale amount (less any shipping costs): $319.50

Here's a few of my sales! 

I picked up this pillow case a while back. I paid $0.99 for it at the Goodwill and it sold for $10 +shipping. Pillowcases are EASY money. They ship light and are easy to store!

I picked up this Lenox ornament a few months ago for $1, it sat and sat, then last night I put the link on my Twitter, and lo and behold, IT SOLD! $15 +shipping! 

I picked this Bible up in March at the Goodwill Outlet, sold for $29.95 +Free shipping.

Me and Derek went "halfers" on this one, we paid $5 at Goodwill and it sold for $39.95 + free shipping. This is a 2XL. The larger sizes seem to do very well for me. 

I picked this Perfection game up back in the summer and just listed it last week. It sold within minutes for $19.95 +shipping. Definitely a BOLO! 

Here's another item I picked up months ago and just now listed! I picked this Pampered Chef oval baker up for $1 at Goodwill and it sold within a day for $19.95 +shipping.

If you would like to see my other sales check them out HERE!

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you're having a very successful New Year!!