Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sales Update 12/19 & 12/20/2016

Hey everyone! Sorry I missed my post yesterday! Things are pretty busy around here since Christmas is only FOUR DAYS AWAY!! I'm pretty excited! 

Right now I'm running a 20% off sale in my store, if any of y'all want to look around, you can check it out HERE! It's running through the 26th. 

I've slowly been adding new listings to the store. I don't think I will ever hit that 800 mark again! It seems like when I list a few I sell that many. I guess it's a good problem to have. 

Today's goals are to photograph, measure, and draft, around 20 pieces. I really need to get everything on my to be listed rack up before Derek is off work for 10 days. I know I won't be able to get anything done if he's home! There's about 50-60 pieces left, so maybe I can do it! 

Here's what sold Monday and Tuesday:

I always pick up TOMS if they're in good shape at the bins. These sold for $17 & F/S.

I have no idea where this came from, so it was probably something I listed years ago. It sold for $24.95 F/S. The buyer wanted it by Christmas and bought it yesterday!! I was like ummm that's pushing it, but I'll send it out today and pray that the post office does they're very best to get it to you on time! We will see! 

This dress wasn't even listed for 48 hours! I picked it up for $1 at a thrift store and it sold for $32.95 F/S. Someone is going to wear this to a Christmas party for sure! 

This Michael Kors top didn't sit long either! Sold for a best offer of $15 F/S. Cost me $1! 

So not too many sales over the past two days. I have already had three sales since waking up this morning! Hopefully that trend continues! 

I'm going to get back to work and I'll let you all know when I hit the big 800! Thanks for reading! 

Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend Sales Update 12/16-12/18

Hey everyone! 

Sales over the weekend were pretty good! It wasn't the best weekend ever, but sales nonetheless! I did have one BIG sale that I am so excited to tell you all about!

I had 7 total sales over the weekend adding up to $245.35 before shipping and fees. Not bad! I have one buyer that hasn't paid for a $10 item. It's been a while since I've had to open a UPI case, so I'm hoping they pay soon! 

Here's what sold! 

I have no idea where this came from or when I listed it. Probably an old stock item. Sold for a best offer of $20 F/S. 

This vintage Adidas windbreaker cost me $1! I was so happy to see it sell! $45 F/S. It's going to a hipster in NY! I have another vintage one listed for $75 with a ton of watchers. Hopefully it sells soon.

Here's my big sale for the weekend! I found this vintage dress at the bins that last time I went. It's been listed for around 4-6 months maybe? I didn't look it up in the store, I just saw it was vintage, GORGEOUS, and 100% silk! It sold yesterday for $100! It probably cost me $1. 

I knew this little puffer coat would sell fast! Listed 2 weeks. $20 F/S. 

Here's some more old stock items. I bought these salt and pepper shakers around 2 years ago. They sold FINALLY for $9.95 F/S. 

Here's another cute little Christmas piece! This ornament sold for $17.50 F/S. Listed for around 2 weeks! Only cost me $1! 

I bought this J. Crew sweater a couple months ago for $6 at the Goodwill. That's a lot more than I would usually spend, but it was 100% wool and looked like new! (I also thought Derek may want it, but it was too itchy for him.) Sold for $32.95 F/S! 

Last week I sold a Power Rangers SNES game and come to find out this morning that I shipped Star Wars to that buyer instead of the Power Rangers game and I sold the Star Wars game today! Silly me! I cancelled the Star Wars order, emailed my Power Rangers buyer and told them to keep the game I accidentally shipped them, and told them I'd be sending out the right game today! Hopefully I don't get into much trouble for this, but oh well. My mistake! 

I've only listed a few items so far today. I'm about to get started on some measurements and hopefully get my to be listed rack cleared off before my next outlet trip! 

Thanks for reading everyone! 

Friday, December 16, 2016

Sales Update 12/15/2016

Good morning everyone! I've totally overslept this morning. It's 9:50 am right now and I haven't gotten anything done except for packing up my sales. I can't start getting in this habit. I have all 8 am classes next semester! 

Yesterday I didn't get any listing or measuring or anything eBay related done. So those goals weren't met! I did take my dog to the groomers and I took my aunt a bouquet of flowers for her birthday. I've got to get in gear today and get some work done! Usually on Fridays Derek comes home and I don't get anything done, but he doesn't get to come home until tomorrow evening, so I'm going to try to get caught up. 

I only had 4 sales yesterday. It was one more than the day before, but the prices were a lot lower. Here's what sold: 

SNES Power Rangers sold for $16.95 F/S. Profit after shipping and fees: $12.03.

SNES Lion King sold for $12.95 F/S. Profit after shipping and fees: $8.51.

I always pick up these little Victoria's Secret mini dogs at the outlet. They only cost me around a quarter. Sold for $9.95 F/S. Profit after shipping and fees: $5.87.

I've had this astronaut costume since like July but I didn't get it listed until a month and a half after Halloween... It still sold overnight for $15 F/S. Profit after fees: $9.47.

Now to go and get productive!
Thanks for reading everyone! Have a GREAT day! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sales Update 12/14/2016

Hey everyone! 

I only had three sales yesterday! I'm not happy about it but I'm not upset either. It's still money and much better than no sales! 

 I've had this Eddie Bauer shirt listed for a while. I thought that since it was an XL Tall it would sell pretty quick. Apparently I had a shipping charge on it that really killed it. (I usually always offer free shipping.) A buyer sent me an offer of $18 with the terms of free shipping, so of course I accepted! (I only had it listed for $19.95) Final profit after shipping (-$3.65) and fees (-$2.44): +$11.91. 

These two Nintendo games sold yesterday too! I love love love these things! I can't find them fast enough! They were listed for less than 24 hours. I bought a big lot of 22 games and a console for $75. I resold just the console and 10 cheap games on Facebook for $50. So I only had $25 in the remaining 12 games. So far I've sold 4 games out of the lot for a total of $100.45! Total profit after shipping and fees: $77.80! So I'm already in the green by about $52 and still have 8 more games to go! 

So I didn't have any exciting sales yesterday, but I still made money nonetheless! Today I'm taking my puppy to the groomers and then coming back to work! I researched and created titles for over 100 pieces of clothing yesterday and I photographed and drafted 20 of those pieces. I'm going to try to measure all 100 of the pieces and get the 20 I drafted up on eBay before my family comes over to make homemade ornaments! 

It'll definitely be a busy day! I hope you all have a very productive day as well! 
Thanks for reading! 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Guess Who's Back?! (For 6 Whole Weeks!!)

Hey everyone!!! I seriously cannot believe that it's been over a month since I've checked in. I feel absolutely horrible about neglecting my blog like I have! I have made so many promises to post and I am so sorry for not keeping my word. But, I'm home for 6 weeks and I plan on getting back into my blogging routine! 

My first semester of college is OVER! It was probably one of the most stressful things I have had to do so far in my life. Thankfully I ended the semester with all A's and I'm keeping that 4.0 GPA! Next semester I think will be a little better since I know what to expect, but we will see.

Sales for November were AMAZING! For me not to have listed anything, ran any sales, or even worked on eBay, it was great. I had my highest sales month ever, topping out at over $2,000. I'm telling y'all, if you have kids, make them do eBay! They will not regret it! I have met so many people in college who are either working 24/7 and letting their grades suffer, or they're poor as all get out and can't afford a dinner at McDonald's! I have not had to worry about an income and my parents haven't had to loan me a dime (they have of course loaned me a lot of their time by shipping out my eBay sales while I'm away, and I definitely couldn't do this without them!) It has been one of the best things that I could have ever asked for! 

Here's some of my highest sales since my last post

It sold!!! FINALLY! $165 +shipping from this $2 find. I had to drop the price quite a lot, but it's okay. That's still a HUGE profit. 

I had one lady come into my store and make offers on 13 of my items. They were all old stock items too, so of course when I saw she was wanted to clear out some of the old stuff for some pretty decent prices, I accepted! She ended up spending over $100! I wish I had more customers like her! 

My mom went thrifting without me back in November and came home with this beauty! It's a two piece Victoria's Secret set that was NEW WITH TAGS!!! She spent a whole $3! I had it listed for $100 and free shipping, but I accepted an offer of $70 pretty quick. 

Do NOT pass on Free People! I had so many sales from this brand last month and they were BIG sales! I picked up this jacket at a yard sale a LONG time ago and as soon as I listed it, it sold for $68! I also picked up the green shirt for $3 and it sold immediately for $55!

Nintendo games are my bread and butter. I can't find them fast enough! I bought a lot of them for $40 and these three alone sold for over $50 each. Definitely a BOLO! 

I bought this shirt for myself about 6 months ago and stuck it in my closet to wear when it got colder. I didn't think anything about it because it didn't have a tag. I pulled it out last month to wear and lo and behold it had a little shiny logo on the bottom. It was Lululemon and I didn't even know it! It really makes me wonder about how many pieces I've passed on because it didn't have a tag and I didn't see the logo. It sold for $47 overnight!  

This Banana Republic blazer, suit jacket, coat, whatever you call it, sold for $50! It came from the bins!! 

I LOVE Eileen Fisher. This sweater was listed for all of 30 minutes. Sold for $55.95! 

My goal for the 6 weeks that I'm off is to get the store built back up. I'm down to almost 700 items and I would really love to get that number up to 1,000 before the next semester. I also want to do some inventorying and make sure everything I have in my eBay room is listed and if it's been listed for a long period of time, I'm getting rid of it. I'm hoping to freshen up the shop a little and help keep those sales coming in! 

I'm going to try to post every day or every other day if I can and let y'all see exactly what I'm selling! If you don't follow me on Instagram, be sure you go and do that! I post on there very regularly, even while I'm at school! My username is @theteenthrifter. 

If you have any questions or comments please post them below! Let me know how you've been doing over the past month! I have truly missed you all!!