Thursday, June 1, 2017

May Sales Update Breakdown 2017

May 2017 Sales Update

Number of items sold: 124
Total Sales: $2,001.15
Shipping Costs: -$458.88
Ebay Fees: -$168.67
Paypal Fees: -$91.95
Commission Sales: -$52.65
Store subscription: -$59.95

Final total before expenses: +$1,169.05

Cost of new inventory: -$354.81

No where close to where I need to be... Off to list. 

P.S. My fiance and I may have just bought a house.. Definitely need to be making more than $800 a month now! Pictures to come! 

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Sales Update

Good morning!

I'm back with a quick little sales update!! This weekend was GREAT! I ran another one day half off sale for Memorial Day and I ended up with around 20 sales! I wish I could have that many a day!!

I bought some pretty good things over the weekend to resell too! My best find was a lot of 13 1980s strategy board games. I should make a pretty penny on those. 

Today is a Tuesday, so I have to leave for work in 2 hours.. Where has the morning gone?! I wish I had more time to post details and actually have something worth reading on here, but I have to go and get some listing done. I'll try to have a better post for y'all tomorrow. 

Thanks for putting up with me everyone!

Monday, May 22, 2017

Weekend Sales 5/20 & 21

WOW! What a weekend!!! I had more packages going out today than ever before!! I shipped 27 items out!!! UNBELIEVABLE! I shipped my Friday sales out on Saturday morning, so this was just from Saturday and Sunday!! My gross sales total is up to almost $1,400 for the month of May, so not bad! I think I had a profit of around $200 for the weekend. Can't beat that! I wish everyday I could make $100! 

I don't have much time today, as I'm going to try to get around 50 pieces listed. My goal is to hit that $2,000 in gross sales before the end of the month. (I'm shooting for a little smaller goal since I don't think that 10K goal is going to be possible.) So I need to sell $600 more! I have around 100 pieces to list and I definitely have some good stuff! 

Here's two of my favorite finds from my Friday yardsaling trip! 

I found this Pier 1 mirror for $8!!! I LOVE it so much. It is HUGE! It'll look great in the house that I don't currently have... LOL I sent this pic to my fiance to ask if he liked it for our future home and he texted me back and said "Why would we need a picture of someone's legs?" ........ I don't think he was fully awake at the time. 

This was probably my favorite find of the day! It's a Sears Bonnet collection desk. It's a super cute piece that I could not leave behind. Especially for only SEVEN DOLLARS!!! $7!!! I don't know why it was still there!! I love the style. I think we are going to repaint it white, since the paint is peeling in some places. I may do a silver trim around the drawers. We will see. I'll be sure to post an after pic once it's finished. 

I'm seeking some help with this dress! I bought it at a fill a bag for $1 sale. It is handmade with no tags. I feel like it will do well on eBay maybe for a costume or just for someone to wear out. It's so pretty. If anyone has any keywords, or can take a guess at the era this dress is from, I would greatly appreciate it! I need a good title to get this beauty sold! It has that weird back and neckline and it has a rhinestone trim. Any help is appreciated!! 

So that's really all that's been going on with me. I'm going to go and get started on some listings!! 
Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you have a productive day!! 


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sales Update 5/19/17

Good morning everyone!! I had a great day yardsaling yesterday!! I found some AWESOME stuff. Our car was so loaded down that I could barely see out the back. It was GREAT! The first sale we stopped at had fill a bag with clothes for $1, so of course I racked up there. I found some Birkenstock sandals for $1.50 and some brand new with tags 2XL  Mossy Oak snow suit pants that only cost around $0.10!!  Those weren't even my best finds! I found me a pier 1 reclaimed wood mirror for $8 and a vintage desk for only $7!! I just need to find me a house now to put all this stuff in! I ended up spending around $60. So not a bad day!! I shouldn't have any trouble making that back.

I had 9 sales yesterday! Some pretty nice ones too! One of my favorites were the 3 packs of gum I bought at the dollar tree and then sold for $10 LOL! I never would've guessed!!! I'll have to start looking harder next time I go and see what else I can resell! 

Sales for 5/19 totaled $83.85, putting me at a grand total of $991.18 for the month of May. Still not where I want to be, but better than nothing. I need more time to list! 

I've started going to a PT facility on Tuesdays and Thursdays and volunteering so that I can get some observation hours in, and I absolutely love it! I just wish I had more time to work on eBay, because I have really missed it. I'm spending as much time as I can though on listing, so maybe those numbers will come back up soon. I'm planning on running a 50% off sale again this weekend on all my old stock and whatever I don't sale will be put up for the next yardsale we have. I'm ready to start fresh and hopefully that will give me a jumpstart in sales. I think if I have less items in my store that sell faster, and I continue to list daily to replace those sales, it will help me to make more money. We will see how it goes! 

If you're looking for my store, my username is eggbert2011! 

Thanks for reading! 

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Sales Update 5/17 & 18

The sales have been trickling in!!! Over the past two days I've sold 8 items on eBay and 2 on Poshmark! Gross sales: $45 on Poshmark and $147.85 on eBay! Not bad! I wish that was all in one day, but I'll take any sales I can get!

I've gotten my store back up to over 780 listings! I'm hoping to have it back up over 800 by the end of the day! Tomorrow I'm going yardsaling and hopefully I'll find some good pieces to bring home. 

I'm really short on time today as I have to leave to go to work at 10:30, so I really only have 45 minutes to list!! (I'll tell more about my new "work" tomorrow!) 

Thanks for putting up with me everyone! Hope you're enjoying my little sporadic updates! 

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5/16/2017 Update

Hey everyone! 

Sales really aren't getting much better for me, but I'm not really working that much.. I wish I had more time in the day. I only got 12 items listed on eBay and Poshmark yesterday. I still haven't had any more Poshmark sales, but I definitely don't have time to work that along with eBay. That's usually something I fiddle with right before going to bed at night. EBay really has my top priority. 

I still have about 100+ items to list on eBay.... But hey, I'm making progress.. I've photographed 12 pieces and I'm planning on doing another 18 before listing. I usually measure everything and then photograph everything all at once, but I just haven't been able to lately. I get bored out of my mind doing the same thing over and over, so I'm having to break it up a little more this time. 

Today I don't really have a lot of time as I have to go to do some volunteer/observation hours this evening and then me and my fiance are going house shopping. So I'm going to try to get as much can done by 10 o'clock this morning. (So less than 2 hours.) Hopefully I can get 15-20 listed if I work hard. 

I'm not shipping anything out this morning since my 3 buyers haven't paid.. But that's okay. More time to list! 

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you have a very productive day!! 

Monday, May 15, 2017

Sales Update 5/15/2017

Good morning everyone! 

This weekends sales weren't super great, but they were still pretty good! My numbers are slowly climbing back up! I'm at a total of $744.53 in sales for the month of May, and even though I'm not even close to where I want to be, I'm happy about that number. 

I ended up spending $155 over the weekend on new inventory! I bought all clothes, and I should profit a nice amount as soon as I get it all listed. I haven't taken any pics yet, but as soon as I do, I'll make another post. 

My goals for today are to list atleast 50 pieces. (Which is kind of ridiculous considering I haven't measured, photographed, or drafting anything... We will see though!)

I'm also hosting a Mens Style Poshmark party tonight at 6! My username there is @nandrysfinds both of my parents also sell on Poshmark, their usernames are @lguffey and @clothing4men . Be sure you go and follow all of us! My dad is just now starting out, so we are trying to get his shop stocked with some good quality items! He's super excited to give it a try. My aunt also has a Poshmark store: @hogbackthrifter 

If any of you have Poshmark and have some mens listings, comment on this post or on my post on Poshmark and I'll be sure to look for some host picks!! 

Thanks for reading everyone! I'm off to work!