Friday, September 23, 2016

Sales Update ???-9/23/2016

Hello, hello everyone! 

I'm FINALLY back with a sales update! I have a little time before my 10:10 am class, so here goes! 

This month, I've listed nothing. Literally. ZERO new items. I'm at around 761 active right n My sales are pretty steady though, thank goodness, but they could be a whole lot better. I've sold 67 items totaling $1,073.44. That's pretty great for me to be sitting at college doing homework and attending class 24/7!

Here's some of my sales for the month! Nothing sold for too much, but it all adds up in the end! 

Here's another Nintendo game! I wish I could find these things every day. They literally sell as soon as I list them. (I should probably list my collection at home, that I don't have time to play anymore...) Sold for $35.96 F/S

This Burberry shirt came from the Goodwill Outlet! Sold for $32 +F/S.

No clue where this super cute shirt came from! I also thought about keeping it! It's a Lauren Ralph Lauren. Sold for $29.95 F/S. This is definitely a brand to pick up if it's a nice piece. Basic tops don't sell as well or for as much. 

Another BOLO brand (I think I say this in every post)! This CAbi vest sat for a few months, but finally sold for $26.95 +F/S.

Another GWO find! This Land's End plus size puffer vest sold fairly quickly for $25.00 and free shipping. 

This Lane Bryant skirt was beautiful! It sold for $24.95 F/S.

Finally, THESE THINGS DO SELL! I didn't think they would sell as fast as they did! My little sister buys these Cabbage Patch Kids every time she finds them (mainly at the outlet). She started to list them, but then gave up, so a few weeks later I said what the heck, and finished the listing. I priced them at $60 and within 24 hours got a $50 offer for the lot. That's $10 each!! She maybe paid $1-$2 each, so after shipping and fees she profited around $30. So if you like a quick flip, these are a definite BOLO! 

So! That's a few sales that I've had this month, I'm hoping to get some listing done tonight and tomorrow, when I'm not studying for my algebra exam. I still have a whole entire 100+ pounds of goodwill outlet inventory that I've not touched. Maybe I can get around to that this weekend... We will see! 

I hope all of you are doing well and aren't too upset with me for not posting regularly. I promise I'll try to get an update in every now and then! 
Thanks for reading! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

I'm not dead!

Hey guys! 
I've had a lot of readers emailing me asking what's going on with the blog. I'm not shutting up shop and quitting, but I have been taking a little break. Today ends week three of college and I am totally overwhelmed by all the work and responsibility that it is. I promise that as soon as I get a break from studying I will give you all a sales update! I have been listing while I'm at college and I have definitely been selling! Last month was my best yet! But anyways! Thank you all for being such dedicated readers over the past few years. I greatly appreciate all of your love and support! I'll try and post soon :) 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sales Update! July 12th-13th

Hey everyone! 

I'm back with a short little sales update! 
I feel like all I've been doing the past week is listing. Listing, listing and listing some more! I work 8-4 (sometimes later!) on measuring, photographing, and listing!  I used to take one day to photograph all of my items, a day or two to measure, and then how ever long it took to list it all, but I've found by taking small chunks and measuring, photographing, and listing, all in the same day, I'm getting a lot more done, and I'm not getting as bored of it! 

Today's goal is to work up and list atleast 30 new pieces, do some profit calculating, and I need to have ATLEAST $200 in sales. That last one is a bit of a stretch, but if I want to hit my $500/week goal, that's how much I need! I'm sitting at $800 and some change right now. I had to take my little sister to her hair appointment at noon today, so I may be pulling a late night to get everything I want done. But I can do it! 

I've decided that when I'm in school, I'm going to research, photograph, measure, and make draft listings on the weekends, then throughout the week when I have time or need a study break, I'll list. I think that will work perfectly! Even if it's only 2-5 new listings a day, it'll keep my store active and help with sales! Especially since forth quarter is slowly approaching! 
I had one return request opened this morning for "doesn't fit". Accepting it and going to relist. It was only a $12 sale. 

But on to sales! 

From the 12th-13th (so really only two days worth of sales) I've sold 9 items! That's pretty awesome for me! I'm hoping when the fourth quarter comes around I'll be selling atleast 9 a day! (Good luck packaging all of that up mom and dad while I'm at school!) 

Here's what sold! 

At the beginning of the month, I purchased an FC Twin with 12 Nintendo games. Me and my boyfriend absolutely LOVE playing the old Nintendo games, so we tested them all out and listed the ones we didn't like. (Side note, of course we would love the games that are worth $50+..) This one just sold for $5.95 +free shipping, so after fees and shipping costs, I profited $2.54. So not much at all. Some of you wouldn't even fool with listing such small items like this, but it made me $2.54 that I can take off of the $20 I spent for the lot. I have around 10 other games listed right now as well. I'll have my $20 back in no time. Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to sell the FC Twin for $30-$40 or my Nintendo 64 that I paid $50 for a while back (it came with a bunch of games, so I've already made my $50 back and then some). The FC Twin only plays Super Nintendo and Regular Nintendo games, so I kind of need the Nintendo 64.. I don't know! I'll probably just end up keeping them both! 

This bra was a bins find! It is BY FAR the largest I've ever found! It was a size 40H! I had it listed for $30, but I took a best offer of $22. After shipping and fees I ended up profiting $15.78! 

I never pass on J. Crew! This tank top cost $1 at a yardsale and sold for full price in a couple months! Profit after shipping and fees: $10.27

Another recent bins find! This shirt sold within a couple hours of listing for full price! Makes me wonder if I priced it too low! Profit after shipping and fees: $18.08

I had this bra listed for $15, but I took a best offer. Even though the lady let me know it was only worth $9 because it was discontinued in 2008 and may be "lifeless", she still bought it. Profit after fees: $6.06

I've had this dress listed since last year! It came from the bins in Virginia. Profit after fees: $14.68

I bought this shirt at a local Goodwill for $3.99. I had it listed for $40 with lots of watchers, but I took the best offer! Profit after fees: $22.68

I have absolutely no idea where this sweater came from. Usually I can remember, but lately I've been getting so much stuff that I can't keep it all straight! Profit after fees: $11.20

So not too bad for two days of sales. Not where I want to be my no means, but still, not bad! Profit for two days: $109.80. Better than working at McDonald's for $40 a day! (I use this really handy dandy profit calculator to figure out all of these numbers. You can check that out HERE!)

Here's where I'm at right now. I FINALLY hit that $3,000 mark again. I had it up over $4,000, but I slacked for a couple months and it got down really low. Like REALLY REALLY low, around $1,700 for 2 months... I'm so thankful that it's coming back up! My work is really paying off! My goal is to have 800 listed by the end of the week, so hopefully I will make it! 

I hope y'all have emjoyed this post! I'm going to try to start updating y'all as much as I can! 

Thanks for reading!

Monday, July 11, 2016

College Update

Hello hello everyone!!! 

I'm SO HAPPY to be blogging about this wonderful news!! As y'all know I had one of my scholarships removed from my account. So because of this, my family wrote a letter to the president of the college and today we heard back! He has given me a $5,000 scholarship to replace my loss. It actually ended up being MORE than the scholarship I had before!!! It's AMAZING!! 

I know I jumped the gun a little with making a gofundme account to support my college tuition. I had three donations given to me and I really would love to send your money back to you. If you could email me your address or Paypal email address, I will get you refunded ASAP! 

I am just thrilled that this has all worked or better than before. PRAISE THE LORD! 

Lots of love, 

Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 2016 Sales Update

Hey everyone! I'm back with a sales update (finally)!! July has started out pretty good! I've hit my first week goal of over $500 in sales, I hope that it continues this way and I can meet that $2,000 goal! 

I've noticed that when I'm stressed and there's things going on in my life, I throw myself into eBay. It's all I want to do 24/7. Which I guess that's a good thing since I have 150+ items to be listed! I'm super excited to hit it again tomorrow! I may even do some listing after church today... 

Here's my 60 day sales total. It was over $4,000 but I slacked for a couple months and it slumped down to around $1,000 or so. That was back when I only had around 100-200 items listed. Now that I have over 700 active, that number is slowly climbing back up! 

Here's what sold so far in July! I'm pretty happy with these sales! I've been accepting most offers because I really need to clear this inventory out! If y'all could only see my eBay room.... Yikes. 

So sales have been pretty great! I just hope they stay as good as they have been! 

Thanks for reading everyone! 
Y'all are wonderful!! 

Thursday, July 7, 2016


Hey everyone. So I'm back (finally) with a short little eBay and life update! 

College is now only 6 weeks away! I was so very excited about it, until today... but, more on that later! 

EBay has been OK. Sales are slow since it's summer, but they're still trickling in. I actually just ran a 40% off sale, with no luck. It was crazy actually. Sales were terrible even at their low prices!! So I've decided to only run 15% off and accept most best offers.  
June profits ended up around $700, which I'm happy about, but it's no where near the $2,000 that I'd like to be at. I had $300 in expenses last month, so that really hurt me. 

On the Fourth of July I went with my family and spent the day at the goodwill outlet! I bought around 107 pounds of goodies for $90. This got me over 120 pieces of clothes, hangers, 10 or so purses and bags, and 8 pairs of shoes. Here's some pics. 

Now, onto the life part. Back a couple weeks ago, I had my college orientation. I was told to go and meet with someone in the financial aid office to discuss a matter on my account. I was told that one of my scholarships (the big one!!) was removed from my account because I'm a Kentucky resident and I'm attending a school in Tennessee. The lady then told me I should receive the money back because I graduated from a home school program in Tennessee. 

Fast forward to today. After emailing and calling the lady a few times this week, she finally got back to me today. I was told that I would not be receiving my scholarship back and that being homeschooled has really hurt me. So to say the least, I'm furious. This is the SECOND scholarship that they've taken away from me and also, homeschooling has been the absolute best thing that's ever happened to me. My college was 100% paid for, but now I'm going to have to take out student loans.. Joy... 

So that's what's going on with me.. Nothing too exciting. Hopefully I'll be back soon with a more cheerful post. 


Monday, June 13, 2016

Sales Update June 1st-June 12th

Hello hello everyone! I have finally sat down to type up a sales update for the month of June! I'm so excited to share my numbers with y'all! Sales have been pretty great (except for the last few days!) and I've been listing more than ever! 

I had college orientation Thursday and Friday, then Saturday, I went out with my boyfriend on a much needed date! I always take off on Sundays, so I'm back at it today! My sales are WAY down since I didn't get to work on Thursday or Friday, but I plan to make up for it this week! 

I have also taken a BIG step and upgraded my store the Premium level! It's a big jump from $20 a month to $60, but my sales have been phenomenal! It's been so much better than waiting on a promo every month!  

My goal right now is $500 a week, but I'm about $300 short of that! I still have until tomorrow night though! Fingers crossed!! 

I'm going to try to get back up to 700 listings by tonight, but it seems like every time I hit that number, it falls below almost immediately! I guess that's a good problem to have!! 

This is a long one, so I hope you enjoy all these numbers!! 

This Vera Bradley vintage button up FINALLY sold after about a year or more of being listed for a best offer of $25 +shipping! I can usually tell what items have been listed the longest, because they have my original "Terms" on them! I also had no idea VB made clothing! 

I always always pick up Clarks when I see them! (As long as their $3 or less!) They sold for $25 +free shipping.  

A couple weeks ago I bought a Nintendo 64 lot for $50. I've been selling off the games I don't like to play, and then obsessively playing the ones I love! The Chameleon game sold for $9.95 +shipping and the Diddy Kong Racing game sold for $14.41 +free shipping.

Laura Ashley is a GREAT vintage brand to pick up! This dress sold for $39.95 +free shipping. 

These two Breli Originals dresses sold to the same lady for a total of $31.50. They came from a $5 bag sale.  

Here's a brand to talk about! Ann Taylor LOFT. A TON of people tell me that they never even look twice at this brand, that it's all cheap low dollar stuff. But I like $20! This shirt was listed for $20 and I took a best offer of $16.96! After shipping and fees, I ended up profiting $12.04. That is so worth it to me! It's a very abundant brand that you can find practically every where for super cheap!  

ALWAYS buy garage door openers!! This one was brand new in the package from 1994 and it sold for $14.41! I have sold MANY used ones for WAY more than that! 

This basic Universal dress cost me $0.50 at a sale, and it sold for a best offer of $14 +free shipping. 

Puzzles! I LOVE them! This one was opened, but it still sold for $29.95 +free shipping. I ended up profiting $23.34 on it. I always put in the listing that the pieces are uncounted, so it is unknown if it is complete or not. They always sell! 

This Brooks Brothers skirt came from that bag sale as well. It sold for $29.00 - profit = $19.35.

This denim dress was too cute to pass up! It wasn't a big brand or anything but it sold quickly! $16 leaving me with a profit of $10.30.

Eileen Fisher is also a great brand to buy! This piece cost me $2 and it sold for a best offer of $26 F/S leaving me with a profit of $19.01

Another brand I'm always on the lookout for is CAbi! This skirt sold for $15 F/S (cost me $3.25) leaving me with a profit of $10.32.

These BORN clogs sold for $24.80 leaving me with a profit of $15.65.

These Sofft sandals sold for $35 F/S. They were given to me by a friend, so all profit! 

If you've been passing on Baby Alive dolls, you're missing out on lots of money! This doll sold for a best offer of $50! I also have one listed for $120! Lots of money to be made with these! 

This White House Black Market top came from the Goodwill Outlet and sold for $15 with free shipping. 

This swim coverup sold almost immediately after I listed it! Paid $0.50 and sold for $16! 

I was really hesitant about buying this monogrammed purse, but it sold super quick after listing it for $19.95 with F/S. 

These GAP academy blazers are definitely a BOLO! They sell from $25+! This one sold for $27 via best offer. It is super cute! I hope the new buyer loves it as much as I did! 

This is the first time I'd ever found a Dooney and Bourke purse! It was only ONE DOLLAR! It sold within minutes for $22.95! 

So that's all for my sales! I need to get back to listing! I have about 8 more drafts to complete, then I'll be ready to do some research, pics, and measurements, for tomorrows listing! 
I hope you all are having some great sales as well!
Thanks for reading!!