Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

My A-Z BOLO List!

Hey everyone! This post isn't a sales update like you were hoping for.. :( Instead, I thought I would post my own personal BOLO list! For those of you that don't already know, BOLO stands for be on the look. So all of these items are a few things you should be looking for at thrift shops and yard sales! This list consists of items. No clothes. I have a separate BOLO list for clothes, and I'll try and get that posted sometime soon. For today though! I will be listing all my hot items from letters A-E. 

American Girl Dolls: These dolls cost over $100 new. I would know, my sister collects them.. So definitely pick them up if they're in good shape! 
ALF Plush: If you don't know who ALF is here's a picture from one of the recent completed listings. This new one sold for $75, but a used one will usually bring anywhere from $30+ in good condition.

Breyer Ornaments: These horse ornaments go anywhere from $10-$200.
Beatrix Potter Items: Anything Beatrix Potter sells. A while back I sold a chipped coffee mug and plate for around $20. 
Bose Wave Radio: The remotes ALONE go for $30! So if you ever find one of these, be sure and grab it! 
Bumbo Baby Seats: I see these all over my Facebook yardsale group. The odd colors, and the ones with trays seem to do the best. They're an EASY $15-$30.
Build a Bear Items: Always keep an eye out for the clothes, and of course the bears! I recently sold a pair of black build-a-bear shoes for $10 that I picked up at the Goodwill Outlet! 
Boy Scout Patches: I have seen so many of these! Some people want an arm and a leg for them, but if you can find them for the right price, you've got some money coming in! Remember the older the better! Some go for hundreds! 

Cross Stitch Kits: Not all resellers know to pick these up! They are an easy $10-$20, and you can pick them up for close to nothing! Sometimes you get lucky though and get a rare kit. I sold one a while back for over $100! Brands to look for: Bucilla, Dimensions GOLD, and anything that looks intricate and difficult to complete. Even it's just the canvas, it WILL sell! 
Captain Underpants Books: Always buy them cheap. If you pick up a set for around a quarter a book, you can make a pretty chunk of change! A lot of 11 recently sold for $30! 
Caboodle Boxes: The vintage ones go anywhere from $20-$50!
Camp Cucamonga DVD: I know this one is VERY specific and it'll be crazy if we ever stumble upon one, but this DVD sells for around $85! 
Charles Wysocki Puzzles: Not all of these are extremely valuable, so be sure and look them up! Some go for over $50! 

Dept. 56 Christmas Items: I love picking up little items like this for a dollar or less and flipping them for $20+
Dungeons and Dragons Books: These books sell anywhere from $10-$25 each.

Easy Bake Ovens: These are always in demand! One model has even been recalled, I can't remember which one, but if you find it, you won't even have to sell it on eBay! You can contact the makers and they'll send you a $30 check! 
Easton Z2K Bat: Here's another "what are the odds of finding this?" item! IF you stumble across this specific bat, do NOT hesitate to pick it up!! It goes for hundreds! 

That's all for this BOLO list! I hope you've enjoyed! If it's popular enough I'll try and post more of the list this week, and then go on to the clothing BOLO list! If you have anything to add to the list PLEASE comment below!! 
Thanks for reading everyone!

ADSENSE UPDATE: We are up to $64.02!  Thank you everyone! Every little bit helps!! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Let's Set Some Goals!

The fourth quarter is upon us! I had 5 sales over the weekend, and I'm thinking this is the turn! Holiday shoppers are getting ready for Black Friday Christmas shopping. So don't be discouraged if sales are slow! They will be picking up before you know it! 

So let's set some goals! I have a few for myself but I'd love to hear some of your alls goals too! So please comment below what you're hoping to have done before Christmas!

Goal #1 Get everything in my basement researched, measured, photographed, and LISTED! It can't sell if it's just sitting on your shelves unlisted. So my first goal is to list, list, LIST!

Goal #2 Decide if I want to upgrade my store. I currently have the basic store subscription with around 300 items listed and 190 in the unsold section. I never pay for my listings, so I always wait for a promotion to get the old stuff relisted. I use my 150 free to list all new items so my store is constantly drawing in new buyers. I'm not sure if that is the best decision or not because, once again, if it's not listed, it's not selling. So maybe the next level store with 500 free listings would be best for me, so I can keep relisting the old items for free. Any thoughts?

Goal #3 Find a better Goodwill. We went to the Goodwill in Cookeville, TN Friday night and it was so overpriced I couldn't buy anything! I saw a few people with phones out and carts loaded, so maybe that's why I didn't buy anything. Who knows. I also went to the Somerset, KY Goodwill a while back and left empty handed as well! All I know is that I need to find a cheaper Goodwill with less competition. (Which will be impossible I know, but a girl can dream!) Maybe this goal should be to thrift more and beat the competition! 

Goal #4 Learn more about buying and selling clothes. The clothes I sell are from family members, or are from cleaning out my own closet. I do buy a few pieces if they're cheap and a brand I recognize like, Talbots, Ralph Lauren, or Vera Bradley (who knew they made clothes?!), but I need to branch out and learn more about which brands sell, what to price them at (because I seem to be pricing WAY too low according to other peoples pricing and sales), and I also need to learn about everything that needs to be measured and put in the listing, so I can promote more sales. 

Those are my top 4 eBay related goals. I also have some personal goals that involve finishing this college semester with all As, getting my Christmas shopping done, and a few other things. 

I hope you all are having a great week, and please remember to comment your goals below! I'd love to hear about them!! 


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Sales Update 11/5-11/11

Sorry I'm a day late! Yesterday was packed with listing everything I could and class! I'm back today though! I've had a pretty decent week of sales! I have a total of 401 items listed and I've sold 17 items so far this month. I'm hoping to get my store up to at least 500 items by the end of the year. 

Here's the numbers for this week!
Number of items sold: 11
Total amount sold before fees: $223.14

My weeks are getting better! 

These Firewalker Ranger boots, sold to a set director for FX! Derek picked them up at the Goodwill for $3 a pair. He bought three pairs, and two sold to the same lady for a grand total of..... $99.90 + $40 shipping!! That's been my biggest sale in a while. These boots weighed 9 pounds per pair. They sold within minutes of listing! 

I took a best offer of $12.49 +free shipping on this shirt. Cost: FREE.

I bought this infant snowsuit sometime last year. It FINALLY sold for $14.95 +shipping to Canada! Cost: $2-$3? 

This is the first pillowcase sale I've had in a while. This one sold for $14.95 +shipping. Cost: $1.

For some reason Halloween costumes are STILL selling!! This one sold for $9.95 +shipping. 

I LOVE finding Vera Bradley to sell. I picked this purse up at the Goodwill outlet, it weighed 13 ounces so it probably cost $0.50. It sold for $29.95 +shipping to a buyer with ZERO feedback... Hoping all goes well with that order! 

This is another Goodwill Outlet find! These cassettes sold for $9.95 +shipping. 

I also sold two more tubes of Covergirl makeup for $8 +shipping and a Psychology textbook for $23 +shipping within seconds after listing! 

I hope you all are having as good a week as I am! I'm going to get back to listing!! 

Adsense UPDATE! 
I'm up to $10.34! Thanks for all the help everyone!! 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekly Sales Update 10/29-11/4

Hey everyone! Sales this week have been slow going, but as soon as the beginning of the month hit, they definitely started to pick up! This week I've had a total of 10 sales totaling $128.02 before fees. I'm pretty happy with that number. I just wish I was making that much a day! I had one incident that was completely my fault. I sold a skirt to a buyer yesterday, and upon packaging it up, I realized the skirt was not navy (as advertised). It was black. I don't know what I was thinking when I placed that listing. I've emailed the buyer and hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Here's the 10 items I sold this week! 

I'm still selling makeup! This one tube sold for $6.76 on sale. 

I don't seem to be one of those people that can sell coffee mugs.. This one mug I've had FOREVER. It sold for $5 +shipping. 

Here's another book that came from an auction box lot. It sold for $4.95 +shipping. 

This pink build-a-bear sold for $9.95 +shipping. It has a recording of a mans voice in the paw, which I mentioned in the listing. I hope that doesn't cause me any trouble! 

This pink Eddie Bauer sweater came from my grandma. It sold on sale for $8.46 +shipping. 

Ugly Christmas sweaters STILL SELL!!! This one sold for $29.95 +shipping! 

My grandma picked up this metal pitcher at a yard sale to put flowers in it, and upon looking at it, I discovered it was U.S.M.C! Sold for $39.95 +shipping! 

This pewter ornament sold for $5 +shipping.

I picked up two of these new with tags J.Khaki dresses. They've both sold! This one sold for $7 +shipping. 

I just heard from the lady who bought the skirt and she agreed upon a refund. No harm done thank goodness! 

Saturday I'm going to go to the Somerset flea market and check it out. I may be setting up a booth pretty soon! 

That's all for this post everyone! I hope you've had a profitable week! 


Many thanks to the 10 people that have clicked on my ads! I've made $5.72 so far.. It'll take a while to cash out, but it's nice to have that extra change adding up!