Tuesday, May 16, 2017

5/16/2017 Update

Hey everyone! 

Sales really aren't getting much better for me, but I'm not really working that much.. I wish I had more time in the day. I only got 12 items listed on eBay and Poshmark yesterday. I still haven't had any more Poshmark sales, but I definitely don't have time to work that along with eBay. That's usually something I fiddle with right before going to bed at night. EBay really has my top priority. 

I still have about 100+ items to list on eBay.... But hey, I'm making progress.. I've photographed 12 pieces and I'm planning on doing another 18 before listing. I usually measure everything and then photograph everything all at once, but I just haven't been able to lately. I get bored out of my mind doing the same thing over and over, so I'm having to break it up a little more this time. 

Today I don't really have a lot of time as I have to go to do some volunteer/observation hours this evening and then me and my fiance are going house shopping. So I'm going to try to get as much can done by 10 o'clock this morning. (So less than 2 hours.) Hopefully I can get 15-20 listed if I work hard. 

I'm not shipping anything out this morning since my 3 buyers haven't paid.. But that's okay. More time to list! 

Thanks for reading everyone! I hope you have a very productive day!! 

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