Friday, September 23, 2016

Sales Update ???-9/23/2016

Hello, hello everyone! 

I'm FINALLY back with a sales update! I have a little time before my 10:10 am class, so here goes! 

This month, I've listed nothing. Literally. ZERO new items. I'm at around 761 active right n My sales are pretty steady though, thank goodness, but they could be a whole lot better. I've sold 67 items totaling $1,073.44. That's pretty great for me to be sitting at college doing homework and attending class 24/7!

Here's some of my sales for the month! Nothing sold for too much, but it all adds up in the end! 

Here's another Nintendo game! I wish I could find these things every day. They literally sell as soon as I list them. (I should probably list my collection at home, that I don't have time to play anymore...) Sold for $35.96 F/S

This Burberry shirt came from the Goodwill Outlet! Sold for $32 +F/S.

No clue where this super cute shirt came from! I also thought about keeping it! It's a Lauren Ralph Lauren. Sold for $29.95 F/S. This is definitely a brand to pick up if it's a nice piece. Basic tops don't sell as well or for as much. 

Another BOLO brand (I think I say this in every post)! This CAbi vest sat for a few months, but finally sold for $26.95 +F/S.

Another GWO find! This Land's End plus size puffer vest sold fairly quickly for $25.00 and free shipping. 

This Lane Bryant skirt was beautiful! It sold for $24.95 F/S.

Finally, THESE THINGS DO SELL! I didn't think they would sell as fast as they did! My little sister buys these Cabbage Patch Kids every time she finds them (mainly at the outlet). She started to list them, but then gave up, so a few weeks later I said what the heck, and finished the listing. I priced them at $60 and within 24 hours got a $50 offer for the lot. That's $10 each!! She maybe paid $1-$2 each, so after shipping and fees she profited around $30. So if you like a quick flip, these are a definite BOLO! 

So! That's a few sales that I've had this month, I'm hoping to get some listing done tonight and tomorrow, when I'm not studying for my algebra exam. I still have a whole entire 100+ pounds of goodwill outlet inventory that I've not touched. Maybe I can get around to that this weekend... We will see! 

I hope all of you are doing well and aren't too upset with me for not posting regularly. I promise I'll try to get an update in every now and then! 
Thanks for reading! 

Friday, September 9, 2016

I'm not dead!

Hey guys! 
I've had a lot of readers emailing me asking what's going on with the blog. I'm not shutting up shop and quitting, but I have been taking a little break. Today ends week three of college and I am totally overwhelmed by all the work and responsibility that it is. I promise that as soon as I get a break from studying I will give you all a sales update! I have been listing while I'm at college and I have definitely been selling! Last month was my best yet! But anyways! Thank you all for being such dedicated readers over the past few years. I greatly appreciate all of your love and support! I'll try and post soon :)