Monday, June 13, 2016

Sales Update June 1st-June 12th

Hello hello everyone! I have finally sat down to type up a sales update for the month of June! I'm so excited to share my numbers with y'all! Sales have been pretty great (except for the last few days!) and I've been listing more than ever! 

I had college orientation Thursday and Friday, then Saturday, I went out with my boyfriend on a much needed date! I always take off on Sundays, so I'm back at it today! My sales are WAY down since I didn't get to work on Thursday or Friday, but I plan to make up for it this week! 

I have also taken a BIG step and upgraded my store the Premium level! It's a big jump from $20 a month to $60, but my sales have been phenomenal! It's been so much better than waiting on a promo every month!  

My goal right now is $500 a week, but I'm about $300 short of that! I still have until tomorrow night though! Fingers crossed!! 

I'm going to try to get back up to 700 listings by tonight, but it seems like every time I hit that number, it falls below almost immediately! I guess that's a good problem to have!! 

This is a long one, so I hope you enjoy all these numbers!! 

This Vera Bradley vintage button up FINALLY sold after about a year or more of being listed for a best offer of $25 +shipping! I can usually tell what items have been listed the longest, because they have my original "Terms" on them! I also had no idea VB made clothing! 

I always always pick up Clarks when I see them! (As long as their $3 or less!) They sold for $25 +free shipping.  

A couple weeks ago I bought a Nintendo 64 lot for $50. I've been selling off the games I don't like to play, and then obsessively playing the ones I love! The Chameleon game sold for $9.95 +shipping and the Diddy Kong Racing game sold for $14.41 +free shipping.

Laura Ashley is a GREAT vintage brand to pick up! This dress sold for $39.95 +free shipping. 

These two Breli Originals dresses sold to the same lady for a total of $31.50. They came from a $5 bag sale.  

Here's a brand to talk about! Ann Taylor LOFT. A TON of people tell me that they never even look twice at this brand, that it's all cheap low dollar stuff. But I like $20! This shirt was listed for $20 and I took a best offer of $16.96! After shipping and fees, I ended up profiting $12.04. That is so worth it to me! It's a very abundant brand that you can find practically every where for super cheap!  

ALWAYS buy garage door openers!! This one was brand new in the package from 1994 and it sold for $14.41! I have sold MANY used ones for WAY more than that! 

This basic Universal dress cost me $0.50 at a sale, and it sold for a best offer of $14 +free shipping. 

Puzzles! I LOVE them! This one was opened, but it still sold for $29.95 +free shipping. I ended up profiting $23.34 on it. I always put in the listing that the pieces are uncounted, so it is unknown if it is complete or not. They always sell! 

This Brooks Brothers skirt came from that bag sale as well. It sold for $29.00 - profit = $19.35.

This denim dress was too cute to pass up! It wasn't a big brand or anything but it sold quickly! $16 leaving me with a profit of $10.30.

Eileen Fisher is also a great brand to buy! This piece cost me $2 and it sold for a best offer of $26 F/S leaving me with a profit of $19.01

Another brand I'm always on the lookout for is CAbi! This skirt sold for $15 F/S (cost me $3.25) leaving me with a profit of $10.32.

These BORN clogs sold for $24.80 leaving me with a profit of $15.65.

These Sofft sandals sold for $35 F/S. They were given to me by a friend, so all profit! 

If you've been passing on Baby Alive dolls, you're missing out on lots of money! This doll sold for a best offer of $50! I also have one listed for $120! Lots of money to be made with these! 

This White House Black Market top came from the Goodwill Outlet and sold for $15 with free shipping. 

This swim coverup sold almost immediately after I listed it! Paid $0.50 and sold for $16! 

I was really hesitant about buying this monogrammed purse, but it sold super quick after listing it for $19.95 with F/S. 

These GAP academy blazers are definitely a BOLO! They sell from $25+! This one sold for $27 via best offer. It is super cute! I hope the new buyer loves it as much as I did! 

This is the first time I'd ever found a Dooney and Bourke purse! It was only ONE DOLLAR! It sold within minutes for $22.95! 

So that's all for my sales! I need to get back to listing! I have about 8 more drafts to complete, then I'll be ready to do some research, pics, and measurements, for tomorrows listing! 
I hope you all are having some great sales as well!
Thanks for reading!! 

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

eBay interview!

Hey everyone!! Be sure you stop in and check out my eBay for business blog interview!! It's pretty awesome!
I know I'm slacking, but I'll be sure to have a life post/eBay update posted soon!