Monday, December 19, 2016

Weekend Sales Update 12/16-12/18

Hey everyone! 

Sales over the weekend were pretty good! It wasn't the best weekend ever, but sales nonetheless! I did have one BIG sale that I am so excited to tell you all about!

I had 7 total sales over the weekend adding up to $245.35 before shipping and fees. Not bad! I have one buyer that hasn't paid for a $10 item. It's been a while since I've had to open a UPI case, so I'm hoping they pay soon! 

Here's what sold! 

I have no idea where this came from or when I listed it. Probably an old stock item. Sold for a best offer of $20 F/S. 

This vintage Adidas windbreaker cost me $1! I was so happy to see it sell! $45 F/S. It's going to a hipster in NY! I have another vintage one listed for $75 with a ton of watchers. Hopefully it sells soon.

Here's my big sale for the weekend! I found this vintage dress at the bins that last time I went. It's been listed for around 4-6 months maybe? I didn't look it up in the store, I just saw it was vintage, GORGEOUS, and 100% silk! It sold yesterday for $100! It probably cost me $1. 

I knew this little puffer coat would sell fast! Listed 2 weeks. $20 F/S. 

Here's some more old stock items. I bought these salt and pepper shakers around 2 years ago. They sold FINALLY for $9.95 F/S. 

Here's another cute little Christmas piece! This ornament sold for $17.50 F/S. Listed for around 2 weeks! Only cost me $1! 

I bought this J. Crew sweater a couple months ago for $6 at the Goodwill. That's a lot more than I would usually spend, but it was 100% wool and looked like new! (I also thought Derek may want it, but it was too itchy for him.) Sold for $32.95 F/S! 

Last week I sold a Power Rangers SNES game and come to find out this morning that I shipped Star Wars to that buyer instead of the Power Rangers game and I sold the Star Wars game today! Silly me! I cancelled the Star Wars order, emailed my Power Rangers buyer and told them to keep the game I accidentally shipped them, and told them I'd be sending out the right game today! Hopefully I don't get into much trouble for this, but oh well. My mistake! 

I've only listed a few items so far today. I'm about to get started on some measurements and hopefully get my to be listed rack cleared off before my next outlet trip! 

Thanks for reading everyone! 

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  1. Great find on the vintage windbreaker!

    I also love it when I see old stock items being sold out of my store. Sometimes I forget what I have listed and when I hear that Cha Ching on my phone I am more excited to see it's an older item that sold than a newly listed item!


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