Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sales Update 12/14/2016

Hey everyone! 

I only had three sales yesterday! I'm not happy about it but I'm not upset either. It's still money and much better than no sales! 

 I've had this Eddie Bauer shirt listed for a while. I thought that since it was an XL Tall it would sell pretty quick. Apparently I had a shipping charge on it that really killed it. (I usually always offer free shipping.) A buyer sent me an offer of $18 with the terms of free shipping, so of course I accepted! (I only had it listed for $19.95) Final profit after shipping (-$3.65) and fees (-$2.44): +$11.91. 

These two Nintendo games sold yesterday too! I love love love these things! I can't find them fast enough! They were listed for less than 24 hours. I bought a big lot of 22 games and a console for $75. I resold just the console and 10 cheap games on Facebook for $50. So I only had $25 in the remaining 12 games. So far I've sold 4 games out of the lot for a total of $100.45! Total profit after shipping and fees: $77.80! So I'm already in the green by about $52 and still have 8 more games to go! 

So I didn't have any exciting sales yesterday, but I still made money nonetheless! Today I'm taking my puppy to the groomers and then coming back to work! I researched and created titles for over 100 pieces of clothing yesterday and I photographed and drafted 20 of those pieces. I'm going to try to measure all 100 of the pieces and get the 20 I drafted up on eBay before my family comes over to make homemade ornaments! 

It'll definitely be a busy day! I hope you all have a very productive day as well! 
Thanks for reading! 

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