Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekly Sales Update 10/29-11/4

Hey everyone! Sales this week have been slow going, but as soon as the beginning of the month hit, they definitely started to pick up! This week I've had a total of 10 sales totaling $128.02 before fees. I'm pretty happy with that number. I just wish I was making that much a day! I had one incident that was completely my fault. I sold a skirt to a buyer yesterday, and upon packaging it up, I realized the skirt was not navy (as advertised). It was black. I don't know what I was thinking when I placed that listing. I've emailed the buyer and hopefully this issue will be resolved soon.

Here's the 10 items I sold this week! 

I'm still selling makeup! This one tube sold for $6.76 on sale. 

I don't seem to be one of those people that can sell coffee mugs.. This one mug I've had FOREVER. It sold for $5 +shipping. 

Here's another book that came from an auction box lot. It sold for $4.95 +shipping. 

This pink build-a-bear sold for $9.95 +shipping. It has a recording of a mans voice in the paw, which I mentioned in the listing. I hope that doesn't cause me any trouble! 

This pink Eddie Bauer sweater came from my grandma. It sold on sale for $8.46 +shipping. 

Ugly Christmas sweaters STILL SELL!!! This one sold for $29.95 +shipping! 

My grandma picked up this metal pitcher at a yard sale to put flowers in it, and upon looking at it, I discovered it was U.S.M.C! Sold for $39.95 +shipping! 

This pewter ornament sold for $5 +shipping.

I picked up two of these new with tags J.Khaki dresses. They've both sold! This one sold for $7 +shipping. 

I just heard from the lady who bought the skirt and she agreed upon a refund. No harm done thank goodness! 

Saturday I'm going to go to the Somerset flea market and check it out. I may be setting up a booth pretty soon! 

That's all for this post everyone! I hope you've had a profitable week! 


Many thanks to the 10 people that have clicked on my ads! I've made $5.72 so far.. It'll take a while to cash out, but it's nice to have that extra change adding up! 


  1. Congrats on your sales, Nandry! We're just now getting into coffee mug season. I bet you'll start selling more soon.

  2. I definitely hope so! I've got tons listed!


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