Thursday, May 22, 2014

Ebay Sales Update 3/31-5/21

  I'm back with yet another eBay Sales Update! This one's going to be a long one! These past two months, I've been yard saling and hitting up tons of Goodwills!
  The first weekend in April, my family and I always make a special trip to Indiana to yard sale. This is the first year I've went with plans of shopping to resell on eBay, instead of just buying stuff for me. I came home loaded down with all kinds of treasures, only spending around $80! I brought home at least $800 worth of stuff to resell along with tons of items to keep!
  I was so overwhelmed by the amount of items I brought home, that I didn't get anything listed until last week. But now my listing shelf (bought in Indiana) is now cleared, and ready to be filled again with my newest items!
  But enough about the last 2 months. Onto the sales!

I sold this pair of like new black converse for $15 +shipping. They cost me $2 in Indiana

I sold these metal butterfly shower curtain hooks for $9.95 +shipping. I paid $1.50 at Goodwill.

I sold this print for my aunt. It sold for $15.00 +shipping. I think she paid $2 for a box of 11 or 12.

Now this was a crazy sale... I bought this dress last year for me. I wore it once, and then decided to sell it. I priced it at  $9.95 or best offer. A few weeks later I got an offer of $10 on it. I was expecting the terms to say something about free shipping, but they didn't. So I accepted the offer and within minutes the buyer paid me the full $10 +shipping. I guess it pays off to have that best offer option!! 

This is DEFINITELY a BOLO item! My next post will be all about these vintage pillowcases and sheets. This vintage flannel Disney Little Mermaid pillow case sold for $9.95 +shipping! I paid $0.99 at the goodwill! It did have a small stain on one corner, but that didn't seem to affect the price any. 

This was probably my best find yet...  A Dimensions Gold Collections cross stitch kit.. I knew some of these were worth some good money, so I didn't care to spend a dollar on it at goodwill. I thought I could at least get $10 out of it. So when I got home I looked it up on eBay.. There was only one other kit that had been listed, and it SOLD for $99.99. So I listed mine at the same price and sold it for a best offer of $80 and free shipping
This is what makes eBay so exciting! These hidden gems always make it a million times better! 

Here's another BOLO item! Glass microwave plates. This one here sold for $14.95 +shipping! I had 7 of these listed, and all of them sold within 3 days.. Super quick cash! I just can't figure out why everyone needs them.. Are they breaking them? Or using them for crafts? No clue, but they're paying good money for them! I paid $2 at goodwill for this one. 

For Mother's Day we went to the Crossville TN flea market, and on the way we stopped at a yard sale.. They had all kinds of brand new items for like a dollar a piece. It was great! I bought this cute little Fijit for $1 and sold him for $9.95 +shipping. 
At that same yard sale I bought 6 pieces of Vera Bradley for ONE DOLLAR!!! Like I said earlier, their prices were GREAT!

 Here's another pair of Converse that I bought for $0.50 in Indiana. They were pretty worn, but they sold for $9.95 +shipping!

I sold this Ipad mini lot for a friend at church. It sold for $225 +shipping.

I have had this FOREVER! I was so glad to see it gone.. It's a Vitascope movie camera that sold for $19.95 with free shipping. 

I just sold this yesterday. It's a San Antonio Star Bucks coffee mug. Apparently it was retired or rare or something. I know it was made in 2009, and most other mugs like this sold for $60+ but, unfortunately, mine had a chip in the front corner next to the handle.. It still sold for $24.95 +shipping! Pretty good profit!

Lastly, I sold this Pyrex cranberry loaf pan for $12 +shipping. My mom bought a whole box of Pyrex for $2 at an auction, and I think I ended up making around $50 on everything in it. 

That's all for this sales update! I hope you enjoyed reading, and learnt a little something new! I'll be back soon with my latest yard sale haul! Good luck selling on eBay! If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to post below!


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  1. Hi. Great post! I am not familiar with Ebay terms and language. Can you tell me what a BOLO item is?

  2. BOLO stands for be on the lookout, so when yardsaling or thrift shopping, you'll know what some good items are to be watching out for. HTH!


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