Thursday, January 14, 2016

Biggest find EVER

Hey everyone! I've got a quick find to share with y'all!

My awesome aunt was out thrift shopping today and stumbled across a sweater. She sent me a picture of the tag and I about had a heart attack! She had a gut feeling it was good because of the "Made in Australia" tag and BOY was she right! 

I'm sure most of y'all have heard the famous brand "COOGI". :) 

There's the link to my listing. Fingers crossed it sells soon! This will be my biggest flip to date! Woo-hoo! 



  1. Wow,hopeIcan find one somewhere.

  2. I haven't found one in awhile! You used to be able to put Cosby in the title, because when he played Mr. Huxtable on the Cosby show he wore those sweaters. I wouldn't even touch that one now. You can also use Biggie Smalls as a keyword, as he wore those sweaters too. I have also used a small crochet hook to pull snags through to the back so that the sweater is near perfect. Best of luck to you! I've never gotten more than $100, but all things are possible!

  3. Wow cool sweater. I have found several Coogies but never a bright one like that. Good Luck!!!
    You can get a snag repair fixer to fix the little threads. It looks like a small crochet hook but it has a little cover so it pulls the threads thru really neat. Google can show you a pic.
    Good luck on the sweater

  4. Nice find! Let us know when it sells.

  5. Great find!! I live in Australia and really need to start looking for these :)

  6. I only ever find the newer ones, not the vintage Made in Australia ones that are worth the big bucks! Great find!

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