Monday, July 20, 2015

Sales Update 7/8-7/20

Hey everyone! So incredibly sorry that I missed posting an update last week! Things around my house are super busy as we are preparing for the 127 sale, canning our garden veggies, and getting ready for school to start back. I'm here now though to let you know that sales are still kind of slow! I think they'll pick up soon when school officially starts back, but for now, they're just OK. 

I'm starting to get prepared for the 4th quarter since it'll be here before you know it! Last year, my July sales were the highest all year... Strange I know! I'm hoping this year though, I can embrace the 4th quarter and make more money than I've made all year! Wishful thinking ;) 

Here's what sold: 
Total number of sales: 18
Total amount before fees: $306.81
Awaiting payment for 3 items totaling $45.00

I picked up this womens Eddie Bauer sweater at a yard sale for $1 it sold for $24.95 +shipping. It has a CRAZY print! I figured it'd sell pretty quickly, because as we all know, ugly sells! 

Here's another microwave plate! I consistently sell these. I actually sold another one this morning! I promise I will upload a video of how I package these babies up soon! This one sold for $16 +shipping. 

Here's another consistent seller! Shower curtain hooks! This set sold for $12.50 +shipping. I've not found any of these in a while.. 

I picked up a lot of Leap Frog Tag reader items at the Goodwill for $5 a few weeks ago. I put this lot of stuff on it's own and I'm selling the pen and USB cables separately. This lot sold for $12.95 +shipping. The pen's listed for $22.50. Hope it sells soon! 

These Pampered Chef dishes sold for $24.95 +shipping to California! I hope they arrive safely! I bubble wrapped the time out of them! I paid $1 at a yardsale for both pieces. 

These copper cookie cutters were picked up by a friend for me to resell. They sold for $15 +shipping very quickly!

I LOVE finding perfume to resell. It's easy to store and the market for it on eBay isn't too crowded because it can be intimidating to ship. This bottle sold for $27.50 +F/S. I paid $3 at the Goodwill and shipping probably cost me around $5-$6. 

This Pokemon game is a definite BOLO! I picked it up for a $1 at one of my favorite thrift shops. It sold super fast for $24.95 +shipping. 

Finally, here's my biggest sale for the week! This set of Lauren Ralph Lauren pillowcases sold for a best offer of $50 +shipping. I paid $4 for them at the Goodwill! 

I hope you all are having a great week and making tons of sales on eBay! 
Thanks for reading everyone! 


  1. Hi Nandry:

    Nice sales!

    About your microwave plates. How do you describe them? Do you know the name brands? Or do you just list the dimensions, etc.? I see these all the time and want to pick them up but without knowing which microwave these belong to, I'm hesitant.

    I have those cookie cutters! But I'm a sucker for any cookie cutter so I'll probably keep them for awhile.

    1. Hey Ree Cee!

      When I go to list a microwave plate, most of the time I just use sell similar on one of my other listings and change the dimensions. I have no clue what brands any of them are, so in my description I'll just say something like, "This is a 12 1/2 inch microwave plate with no chips or cracks! It has the number XXXX on the plate." Something super basic. They will all sell eventually too!

      The cookie cutters were pretty cute! But with the 50+ I"ve already got in the kitchen cabinets, these had to go! LOL!

      Thanks for reading!!

  2. I love the RL pillow cases. It's funny because you can find some RL bedroom sets at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but I'm betting someone just wanted those specific ones. Awesome!

    1. I couldn't find any similar on eBay, so I listed sort of high and went with it! LOL! It had quite a few watchers on it! Wonder if the RL stuff at TJ Maxx would be worth picking up to resell???

      Thanks for reading!

  3. Wow microwave plates! I never would have guessed! I'm going to add that to my list of bolos. Thanks for the tip and congrats on your sales!


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