Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Sales Update 6/17-6/23

Hey everyone! I'm back with a quick sales update! This week we kicked off Vacation Bible School at our church, so I'm staying pretty busy with that, but I am trying to get some listing done. Only 6 more pieces until ALL of my clothing will be listed! That deserves a party in my opinion! After these last six pieces I'll be left with shoes and my other miscellaneous items. I can't wait to have it ALL listed! I have NEVER had an empty "to be listed" pile. Wonder what that feels like?! ;) LOL! 

Here's my numbers for the past week:
Total number of sales: 21
Total amount: $291.50

This Disney Plug N Play was picked up at the Goodwill Outlet a while back (I need to go back there some time soon!) so it probably cost me around $0.50. It sold for $10 +shipping. 

I read somewhere that London Fog was a good brand to pick up, so when I found this coat for a dollar I scooped it up! I looked up completed listings, and similar coats hadn't even sold for $0.99.. But I listed it for $9.95 +shipping, and believe it or not, it sold within minutes of listing. Hmmmm.... Maybe I priced too low. Not sure how though! LOL

I bought two ties at the Goodwill a while back and instead of charging me $1.50 per tie, the lady charged me $3 per tie... Oh well. I sold this one for $19 +shipping. 

These Baby Einstein DVDs sold for $20 +shipping. I paid $2 for them all at a yard sale! 

I knew that Disney stuff sells quite nicely, so when we were at the Goodwill Outlet months ago, I picked up these popcorn buckets! I couldn't find any similar, so I listed them for $14.95. I let them go this week for a best offer of $9.95 +shipping.  

These Love Comes Softly books were found at my grandmas house, they sold for $39.95 +F/S.

Finally, another quick sale. This Ralph Lauren jacket sold for $30 +shipping within a few days of listing. I paid $5 at Goodwill! 

I hope your alls sales are finally picking up like mine are! 
Have a great rest of the week!
Oh!!! Before I go! I must wish a  Happy 21st birthday to my amazing boyfriend Derek! I love you!! 

Thanks for reading!! 


  1. a good week for summer! TY for sharing!!

    1. I think so too!
      Thanks for reading!

  2. Not this post, but some of your posts have given me the idea you live in KY :-) whereabouts? I am in Richmond, south of Lexington. Thrift stores are pretty pitiful around here but are decent in lex. I'm thrilled that it is yard sale season again!

    1. I do I do! You're about 2 hours away from me ;) I'm on the KY TN line! We have NO thrift stores here and mainly all horrible yardsales! I have to drive on down into TN to get the good deals!


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