Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Sales Update 3/25-4/14/15

 I am SO, SO sorry that I've been negligent towards my blogging lately! Finals week in college is slowly creeping up on me, so I'm desperately trying to stay caught up with my school work.

My goal was to list 5 items every day this month.
As of today I should have 70 items listed.

I've listed 27...

I'm hoping that as soon as class is over, I can concentrate more on eBay instead of everything else in the world,  and I can get my numbers up.

But anyways! Away from my procrastinating!
Here's the highlights of the 29 items I've sold since my last sales update:

I picked up this tea jar last summer for a dollar. It sold for $9.95 +$18.95 shipping!

I almost always pick up Wilton cake pans. This one sold for $14.99 +free shipping.

I picked these John Deere boots up on my Indiana trip for $2. I didn't notice the torn place on the top of the boots until I got home, but I still flipped them for $15 +shipping.

You all may have saw me talk about this item in my YouTube video! I picked this Garmin Forerunner up at the Goodwill in Indiana for $4. It sold for a best offer of $75 +shipping.
This Design a Day briefcase came from the Goodwill Outlet. I just now got it listed and it sold for $20 +shipping.

I bought a load of new with tags clothing a while back at a yardsale for $3 a piece. This shirt sold for $19.95 +free shipping.

I always pick up text books if they are newer. Like 2013-2015 editions. This one I paid $0.50 for, and I think I sold it for a best offer of $65 +shipping.

Here's another tie from the Goodwill Outlet! It was new with the tags! It sold for $15 +Shipping!

This Thirty-One tri-fold organizer was picked up at the Goodwill Outlet as well. It sold for a best offer of $17.50 +Free shipping.

Here's an AWESOME score! I mentioned in my YouTube video that I wanted to try out selling perfumes. I picked up this bottle at a local thrift shop. It sold within a day for a best offer of $37 +Shipping! Already got positive feedback too! YAY! I only paid FIFTY CENTS!!

I hope you all have enjoyed my scattered post today! I'll try and get back on schedule as soon as college slows down and the semester ends!

Thanks for reading everyone!


  1. Nice sales!! I love that you sell such a variety of things. Good luck in school too!

    1. Thank you! I love having a bunch of different things to sell. I feel like my inventory is always moving if I have items that different groups of people are interested in! Plus, I like to flip anything I can!

  2. And she's so good at it, too!

  3. Awesome! I have a half filled bottle of cologne that I got for free that I have to list! Thanks for reminding me!


    1. I'm eagerly going to be searching for some more soon!
      Thanks for reading!!

  4. Good luck with your finals - looks like you had some great sales!

  5. That garmin flip was awesome. Hubby just bought one at a thrift store for $3, but it wasn't as nice as yours, it was a Nuvii. But I think we're keeping it. I'm the only one with a smart phone and he wants it for the car (we'd have one in each car..we switch sometimes. LOL)

  6. Awesome sales - I would've never thought to sell cologne's! John Deere is another great brand with a loyal following. I always manage to get $30 for their hoodies so be sure to pick those up as well if you run into any.

    Good luck with finals. I remember those days and they were definitely stressful. Looking forward to your next update!


    1. Thanks for the tip! That will definitely be added to my BOLO list! :)

      I'm making progress with my work, slowly but surely. Finals are scheduled, so let the studying begin! Luckily they all seem to be fairly easy. Hopefully it goes great!

      Thanks for commenting Meinard!


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