Wednesday, October 22, 2014

What To Sell Wednesday 10/22 Halloween Edition

Hey everyone! Here's the Halloween edition of What to Sell Wednesday! These are just a few things I found on eBay that sold for some BIG bucks! Maybe you'll stumble across them at the goodwill one day! 

Tico Toys/ Rosbro Orange Witch on White Motorcycle - 1950's

Pretty rare piece! But hey, you never know! Hopefully one of us will find a big $1,800 score like this! 

This probably isn't something you'd find at a yardsale, but I thought it was pretty weird neat! 

Couldn't you just see these in your own living room filled with all your horror novels?! 

ALWAYS keep an eye out for vintage holiday decor. You never know what it'll be worth! 

There's just a few highlights from the thousands of items that have sold! I hope you all are having a GREAT week of sales! 
Thanks for reading! Be sure and comment about some of your Halloween sales below! 

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