Friday, May 12, 2017

Sales Update 5/12/2017

Sorry I missed my post yesterday! Things were busy around here. I ended up getting around 40 items listed on eBay bringing my total now up to 760! It seems like when I hit 800 the sales really start rolling in, so that's my goal for today. I'm also going thrifting some time today, so stay tuned for a haul post! 


On Wednesday I sold 10 pieces totaling $88.26. Nothing really great sold that day. Just a bunch of my half off pieces. So profit really wasn't all that great. Definitely not what I want. 

Yesterday I sold 9 pieces totaling $123.84! So a little better yesterday. Here's the top three sales I had yesterday! All three came from the goodwill outlet, so they might have cost me $3 or so. 

This is a definite BOLO! The wraps alone sell for $15 a set! Most of my wraps had been opened and partially used, so the set sold at auction for $26.78! Not bad! If you find some of the retired patterns, they can go for WAY more! 

If you haven't heard of Lululemon, be sure you look up comps! This brand sells like hotcakes! $25 shipped for this piece! 

I love picking up Vera Bradley. Especially if it's not an old style. This bag sold for $24.95! 

My profit for the month is up to $323.97. So not good at all. Usually I'm at around $600 by now. You can really tell I've  not worked on eBay in a long long time. College has really gotten in the way! 

Since my half off sale ended, I'm trying to think of some other ways to get rid of my super old stale inventory. I may do some $2 auctions (with a shipping charge) and just see if that moves anything, but I really wont be making much if I do that. I don't know. What do you all do when you have super old inventory you need to get rid of, besides just throwing it out? 

Hopefully my short little sales update posts aren't boring you all. I'll try to expand more when I have a little more time! I'm going to go and get ready to go shopping! So I'll post soon! 
Thanks for reading! 


  1. Not boring at all.

  2. You could have a yard sale to quickly sell that low-priced old inventory!

  3. I agree with Jenna G., a yard sale is the way to go. It isn't worth the hassle to sell on Ebay to net a $1. Have a yard sale and then donate the leftovers.

  4. i agree, I grab friends and family and do a yard sale for wicked cheap. Ours actually got rained out today so next month it is. I price clothes at a quarter, video games at a dollar etc and stuff MOVES. Only the "best" makes it back into the house. The 2 years I've done it I make between $300-500. Under my initial investment probably but its $0 sitting in my attic. I found that low $ auctions leads to lots of nonpayers. Good luck....and whatever you do let us know how it goes!


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