Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Hey everyone! Today is day #1 of the half off sale and I think it's helping! I shipped out 13 items today! Now keep in mind they didn't sell for much, but I'm clearing out old inventory and making room for the 200+ new pieces that I have to list! 

Yesterday's Sales

11 items! Totaling $149.54. Leaving me with a profit of $82.62 (after shipping and fees)!! THIS IS WHERE I NEED TO BE!!! 

If I can continue to have this much in sales per day, I will have no trouble reaching my goals. 

Today I plan to list all of my hard goods and the bras that I have stashed in a tote. I have already photographed and researched each piece, so on to draft and list! I have a busy day ahead of me! I hope more sales keep coming in while I'm working!! 

Thanks for reading!

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