Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Sales 11/13-11/15/15

Hey everyone! 

Today my goal is to write two papers for my college classes, to research all of my Goodwill Outlet scores, and to list 5 items! 

I only had 5 sales over the weekend, but they were pretty decent, so I thought I'd share! These 5 pieces totaled up to $117.43. That's not bad, but it's not where I want to be! 

This cardigan was picked up by my mom at a local thrift. She paid $2 for a huge bag of stuff, so this piece didn't cost too much! I had it listed for $24.95, but I accepted the offer of $19.99. It'll stick in a padded flat rate envelope and only cost me $5.35 to ship! 

This velvet Christmas dress was mine when I was little and my sisters! I had it listed for $20 and I accept this offer of $15. 

This is the very last of the glass sets I'm going to have to ship out! This one was listed for $29.95 and I took the best offer of $27.50 because of the incredibly high shipping! This set weighs about 10 pounds when packaged properly. The strange thing about this sale is that the buyer has already left me feedback! I would NEVER do that on a highly breakable item! But oh well! 

I think these Christmas overalls came from a fill a bag for $1 sale. Not sure, but I know I didn't pay much for them! 

These Sofft boots came from the Goodwill Outlet the last time we went. They sold super fast and for a great price! They weighed around a pound, so they probably cost me no more than $1! 

I also sold the 2 folding bleacher seats on my Facebook yardsale for $50! The rest of my outlet haul will be pure profit now! Woohoo! 

That's all for my sales this weekend, but now let's talk about a return. 
I mailed a shirt out over a month ago and just heard from the buyer last night, 33 days after delivery saying I sent the wrong shirt. He couldn't figure out how to send me a picture of the shirt he did receive, but when he described it, sure enough it was one of my similar shirts. I went through my inventory and found the shirt I was supposed to have sent him and I'm shipping it out this morning. He was vey nice about the return and didn't open a case or make me pay for return shipping on the other shirt! I wish all buyers were like this guy! 

That's all for my weekend! I hope y'all have a great Monday! 
Thanks for reading! 

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  1. Great sales!!! I love that you sold a dress from when you where little!


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