Friday, November 20, 2015

Sales Update 11/19/15

Hey everyone!! I'm so excited to tell y'all that I finally got a promo!! Woohoo! I have 1,000 free listings until the 29th of November. I've already used almost 300 of them and my goal is to use atleast 500 before it expires. 
And of course, when I relisted my 280+ unsold items, sales came pouring in! 

I had 5 sales yesterday totaling... *drum roll*, $330!! One of the sales was a consignment sale, but hey, my numbers look great! 
Here's what sold: 

These GAP pants came from the Goodwill Outlet. I had them listed for $19.95, but took a best offer. They cost me $4.99 to ship! 

This sweater came from the free haul. I had it listed for $24.95, but once again, took a best offer! 

This build a bear had been listed awhile and I was glad to see it go! Sold for full price! (I have to give my little sister part of the profit because it was her find.)

I've not had any overseas international sales in a while! This fossil purse is going to Brazil! It came from the Outlet as well. 

Finally, my big consignment sale. A friend was setting up in a yardsale with me and pulled these out. She asked me what to price them with and I told her to look them up on eBay! Sure enough the price was so great that she asked me to list them. I'm thrilled that they sold so fast! (I had them listed less than 24/hours!) My 20% commission was well worth it! She was so excited when I called and told her they sold for full price! 

That's all for me! I hope your alls sales are picking up as well! (I've already had one this morning! Hoping for more throughout the day!) 
Thanks for reading!! 

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  1. I've sold Harry Potter audiobooks on amazon before. Cool to have the whole series though!

    And man, you love those buld-a-bears! Awesome!


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