Thursday, November 12, 2015

Sales Update 11/9-11/12/15

Hey everyone! Sales have been BOOMING for me! I hope they have for y'all too! Over the past few days, I have listed over 70 pieces of clothing! Yes, you heard that right! SEVENTY new clothing listings! I have worked my butt off and I'm beginning to reap the rewards! Here's what's sold since Monday! 

8 items for a total of $196.44! 
2 of these items still have not been paid for totalling $60.

These SUPER nice Dansko clogs came from the Goodwill Outlet! They sold for a best offer of $30 +shipping! (still waiting on payment!)

These brand new J. Crew capri pants came from the Goodwill Outlet. They sold for the full price of $35.99 +shipping! 

I picked up this Pendleton blazer at my favorite Goodwill for $5 and it sold the night after I listed it for a best offer of $41 +shipping! 

This Victoria Jones Christmas sweater was my moms. It sold for a best offer of $17.50 +F/S minutes after listing! 

I paid $1 for this Vera Bradley ID case at a yardsale ages ago. It sold for a best offer of $10 +shipping. 

These Disney Store Cars jeans sold for a best offer of $12 +F/S minutes after listing! They came from the Outlet as well!

I sold this Lacoste shirt for a best offer of $30 +F/S today! (I just listed it last night!) I paid $3 for it at Goodwill. I'm still awaiting payment. 

This Eddie Bauer button front sold hours after I listed it for my full asking price of $19.99 +F/S. 

So I've had a very productive week so far! This Saturday I'll be spending another day at the Outlet! I'm excited to see what I find! 

Thanks for reading! 

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