Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What to Sell Wednesday: Fall Decor

Hey everyone! Fall is in the air! This is by far my favorite season! It's so colorful, and cool, we get to bring out the sweaters, and boots! My favorite part would definitely have to be the baking and sweets!! Or.. No.. The FOURTH QUARTER!! EBay's #1 selling time of the year! Everyone's online for holiday shopping! Here's a few things that sold this week for BIG money! 

A lot of 1,000+ fall leaves.. I'm thinking easy money! Check it out HERE. They sold for $295.99 +almost $90 for shipping! CRAZY! 

Here's a lot of FIVE pumpkins! Grown in KENTUCKY! They sold for $125 +shipping! WOW! Check it out HERE.

**Update** Reader Marci let me know these are NOT real pumpkins! That title they used is deceiving if you're like me and don't know what "faux" means! They look so real! 

Some crazy prices for some easy to get items! I guess people will pay for anything! Let me know in the comments below if you like my new post!
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  1. The posting title for the pumpkins says faux pumpkins,. That means they aren't real so probably not grown in Kentucky LOL! Also, who in there right mind would pay that much for leaves? Maybe someone that lives in the desert? I need to go start collecting!

    1. That titled they used is definitely deceiving! LOL! And I guess it's people who live somewhere where the leaves have already/not changed and they need them for their wedding! I think I'm going to get into that business!


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