Monday, September 29, 2014

I've Been Gone A Whole Week! Catchin' Up on Sales 9/17-9/29

Hey everyone!! I'm back from my trip to Mackinac Island in Michigan!! I went last Sunday with a group of senior citizens from Tennessee. We had a BLAST! I took a whole week off from school, eBay, and blogging, but I'm glad to be back! It was absolutely beautiful up there! The weather was perfect and I got to spend my week with some of the best people. 

I did not put my store on vacation the week I was gone. I left my parents in charge of all the questions and shipping. Boy was that something. I am a total control freak when it comes to my eBay business. I like to know how much money is being spent, where it's going, how it's being packaged.. It was super hard for me to go away knowing my business was in their hands. They managed it well though for the whole week! And of course, the week I am gone, I had more sales than I've had probably all month! I've decided I need to go on vacation a lot more... 

I had a total of 26 sales since my last sales update! 
I am super excited about that number! I wish I could get up to around 100+ a month, but I'm happy with the 50 monthly sales I'm getting now. 

I picked up these infant John Deere boots from a girl on our Facebook yardsale site. Paid - $2 Sold for - $19.95 +free shipping

My mom picked this costume up for me a couple months ago. It's a homemade scarecrow costume and it cost $2. I wasn't sure how to list something homemade.. So I listed it for $19.95 +free shipping, and it sold within hours.. Maybe I priced it too low? Who knows. 

Here's another costume! I bought this Transformers costume for $2 at a yardsale, only to come home and find out that it had two holes in it... I listed it cheap and it sold pretty fast for $9.95 +shipping. 

I sold this Harley Davidson cap for $9.95 +free shipping. Paid $0.25

These Twinkle Toes were my sisters, they sold for $14.95 +shipping. Our mail carrier picked them up, then marked them delivered in Kentucky instead of Florida.. So of course I received a crazy message from an enraged buyer... Thank goodness I got that straightened out, and they left positive feedback as well! 

I sold this KJV leather covered Bible for $19.95 +free shipping. Not sure what I paid for this. Probably $0.50? 

Here's yet another costume! This Disney Tinkerbell costume was given to me from my grandma. It sold for $9.95 +shipping to Canada. 

I sold this belt buckle for a friend, it sold for $19.95 +shipping to Italy! 

Here's the rest of the things I sold these past 12 days (without pics!).

  • ACE Grade 3 Hardcover Book - $5 +shipping
  • 1 tube 340 Covergirl Naturelux Makeup - $7.95 +free shipping.
  • 3 tubes 340 Covergirl Naturelux Makeup -$23.85 + Free Shipping
  • 2 Tubes 335 Covergirl Naturelux Makeup - Best offer - $14 +Free Shipping
  • Lot of 12 Vintage Piano Sheet Music Books - $5 +shipping
  • Lotus Flower Wooden Abacus - Best offer $7 +shipping
  • Girls size 7 Denim Jacket - $9.95 + shipping
  • Mcoy mini glass jar - $5 +shipping
  • Wooden Box Coffee Grinder - $30 +free shipping
  • Two Diner Style Coffee Mugs - Best offer $10.50 +shipping
  • Womens Faded Glory Jeans - $7.95 +free shipping
  • GAP Size 0 Denim Skirt - $14.95 +free shipping
  • Girls Speechless Dress - $9.95 +free shipping
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Table Decor $9.95 +shipping
  • Briggs New York Black Blazer - $19.95 +free shipping
  • Using the American Quarter Horse Book - $9.95 +shipping
  • Merona Orange Womens Skirt - $14.95 +shipping
Here's something else I sold... I received it back in the mail today, with a sticker attached saying undeliverable address.. I sent the buyer an email saying that I believe the address provided was wrong, and that I'd reship for $X.xx or refund her purchase less any shipping and fees... I hope I did the right thing with that situation! This dress sold for $9.95 +free shipping.

Also! If anyone one reading wouldn't mind.. Please check out my store and my listings HERE.. Let me know what I need to do to improve the quality! I'm really searching for pointers on taking pictures of and listing clothing. I also would like any tips on listing templates. I think they would be so handy to have and use, and also make my listings look so much more professional. I just can't figure out how to use them in my listings.

Thanks everyone for reading! I hope you've had a good few weeks as well!


  1. I checked out your store and your sold listings. I noticed all your sold listings have lots of great "keywords" - that's something I'm working on now, reviewing old listings and seeing if I missed any keywords. Good Work!

  2. I would focus on better lighting and background. White typically works best. I do have a black background to use for white items. Your listings look good though! I'm not trying to discourage you at all!! Just offering a bit if advice. ��

    1. I'm definitely going to work on that! Clothes are definitely my low point. I'm going to try and go through and add some measurements on my super old listings. Thanks for the tips!


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