Thursday, September 11, 2014

Quick Sales Update 8/25-9/10

Hey everyone! I'm back with a quick sales update! I'm so sorry my posting has been so sporadic. I have been so busy with college and ebay lately.. I'm also fixing to go to Michigan for a week! Lots going on... I'm going to try and get you all caught up though! 

Here's what I've sold since my last post: 

I paid $0.25 for this Daytona cap. It sold for $9.95 +shipping to a company that buys U.S. sellers items, and ships them overseas. I thought that was pretty neat. 

Here's a case where Walmart items sell! This denim jacket is Faded Glory, and it ended up selling for $14.95 +shipping.

These boots were my sisters, but they were too big. They sold for $19.95 +shipping. After selling, I saw the same pair for $39.95... Oh well. 

I bought this sealed Pit game at Goodwill for $0.50. It sold for $19.95 +shipping. 

This cross stitch kit sold within a few minutes for $20.95 +free shipping. I bought this one for $6, but I still made a little. 

I picked up this Starbucks travel mug for $0.25 and it finally sold the other day for $15.95 +free shipping. 

Another ornament sale! This one sold for $16.99 +free shipping. I figured that each ornament cost me approximately $0.64 each. I've made a killing! I'll try and figure up total sales on all my ornaments soon. 

Here's another Walmart item! This really makes me think I need to go shop the clearance racks at Walmart, and try and find character specific pieces.. Does anyone else do that?? 

This Hello Kitty dress sold for $19.95 +free shipping. 

Here's my vintage Jansport backpack! It sold for $20.45 at auction +shipping.  

Lastly, we have a bar of soap that Derek picked up for $0.50. It sold at auction for $12.10 +free shipping. The lady that bought it even asked if I had anymore! Definitely a BOLO! 

I've been selling a lot on the weekends, and  practically nothing through the week.. I'm trying to list my inventory and get ready for the holiday rush! How about you all? How's sales? 

Also! Another quick question. Are the new selling standards affecting any of you? I've heard a lot of sellers saying their accounts have been shut down completely. I have lost my top rated seller status, by 0.92%. I'm trying hard to get it back up and praying I stay above that 5% line! 

Thanks for reading everyone! 
Have a great rest of the week!!


  1. My defect rating is 1.50 so I'm not affected....yet but that can change any day. I have shopped characters at Walmart no too often though


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