Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sales Update! July 12th-13th

Hey everyone! 

I'm back with a short little sales update! 
I feel like all I've been doing the past week is listing. Listing, listing and listing some more! I work 8-4 (sometimes later!) on measuring, photographing, and listing!  I used to take one day to photograph all of my items, a day or two to measure, and then how ever long it took to list it all, but I've found by taking small chunks and measuring, photographing, and listing, all in the same day, I'm getting a lot more done, and I'm not getting as bored of it! 

Today's goal is to work up and list atleast 30 new pieces, do some profit calculating, and I need to have ATLEAST $200 in sales. That last one is a bit of a stretch, but if I want to hit my $500/week goal, that's how much I need! I'm sitting at $800 and some change right now. I had to take my little sister to her hair appointment at noon today, so I may be pulling a late night to get everything I want done. But I can do it! 

I've decided that when I'm in school, I'm going to research, photograph, measure, and make draft listings on the weekends, then throughout the week when I have time or need a study break, I'll list. I think that will work perfectly! Even if it's only 2-5 new listings a day, it'll keep my store active and help with sales! Especially since forth quarter is slowly approaching! 
I had one return request opened this morning for "doesn't fit". Accepting it and going to relist. It was only a $12 sale. 

But on to sales! 

From the 12th-13th (so really only two days worth of sales) I've sold 9 items! That's pretty awesome for me! I'm hoping when the fourth quarter comes around I'll be selling atleast 9 a day! (Good luck packaging all of that up mom and dad while I'm at school!) 

Here's what sold! 

At the beginning of the month, I purchased an FC Twin with 12 Nintendo games. Me and my boyfriend absolutely LOVE playing the old Nintendo games, so we tested them all out and listed the ones we didn't like. (Side note, of course we would love the games that are worth $50+..) This one just sold for $5.95 +free shipping, so after fees and shipping costs, I profited $2.54. So not much at all. Some of you wouldn't even fool with listing such small items like this, but it made me $2.54 that I can take off of the $20 I spent for the lot. I have around 10 other games listed right now as well. I'll have my $20 back in no time. Right now I'm trying to decide if I want to sell the FC Twin for $30-$40 or my Nintendo 64 that I paid $50 for a while back (it came with a bunch of games, so I've already made my $50 back and then some). The FC Twin only plays Super Nintendo and Regular Nintendo games, so I kind of need the Nintendo 64.. I don't know! I'll probably just end up keeping them both! 

This bra was a bins find! It is BY FAR the largest I've ever found! It was a size 40H! I had it listed for $30, but I took a best offer of $22. After shipping and fees I ended up profiting $15.78! 

I never pass on J. Crew! This tank top cost $1 at a yardsale and sold for full price in a couple months! Profit after shipping and fees: $10.27

Another recent bins find! This shirt sold within a couple hours of listing for full price! Makes me wonder if I priced it too low! Profit after shipping and fees: $18.08

I had this bra listed for $15, but I took a best offer. Even though the lady let me know it was only worth $9 because it was discontinued in 2008 and may be "lifeless", she still bought it. Profit after fees: $6.06

I've had this dress listed since last year! It came from the bins in Virginia. Profit after fees: $14.68

I bought this shirt at a local Goodwill for $3.99. I had it listed for $40 with lots of watchers, but I took the best offer! Profit after fees: $22.68

I have absolutely no idea where this sweater came from. Usually I can remember, but lately I've been getting so much stuff that I can't keep it all straight! Profit after fees: $11.20

So not too bad for two days of sales. Not where I want to be my no means, but still, not bad! Profit for two days: $109.80. Better than working at McDonald's for $40 a day! (I use this really handy dandy profit calculator to figure out all of these numbers. You can check that out HERE!)

Here's where I'm at right now. I FINALLY hit that $3,000 mark again. I had it up over $4,000, but I slacked for a couple months and it got down really low. Like REALLY REALLY low, around $1,700 for 2 months... I'm so thankful that it's coming back up! My work is really paying off! My goal is to have 800 listed by the end of the week, so hopefully I will make it! 

I hope y'all have emjoyed this post! I'm going to try to start updating y'all as much as I can! 

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi Nandry! You go girl! I am getting ready to STEP AWAY from the computer at a little after 1100pm lol. at dinnertime I swore I was done, been Listing all day, feels good! didn't count, just did pics, research, listed! Great post, happy for you re college, last post! I do the baby steps too, pick some things, take pics, list, stop breathe, do it again haha. Anyway, keep up the good work! You are doing great! wishing you the best, Kat ;)

  2. Do you use a listing software? Just be careful about the drafts. Have heard of plenty situations where eBay purged them. My method is to keep all of my information on a spreadsheet shared on Dropbox or one drive. I keep all measurements,title, country made, condition on there. I also put a link to my research too. :) Makes it very portable. Just need the pictures to be available and you can list anywhere!

  3. When something sells immediately and I question the price, or if I get an offer that is 'okaaaaay' on a stretch, but not close to what I really wanted, I just figure it makes us both happy... I made money on a buck or two and they got a great deal. I stop to look at it from the buyer side like when *I* get a great deal on something. It's not just all about making money in life - we need to take care of others, too, so if they get a good deal on our behalf, so much the better (and hopefully really good feedback follows! lol)

    I went to the Goodwill Outlet the other day here. I love to go, but hardly do. I have a little boy who loves to be with me, but he can't do that all day - too boring. and really, here, you need a tag team for an all day adventure. But still, I thought of you and your hauls while in there. It's funny how I start in there and there's nothing, but then I dig and find something, and then something else, and then have to find a bag for sale (there are painfully few carts in this store AND they are hijacked for the day by the folks who shop all day and take carloads back to Mexico - not complaining! They have the right, but I just wish they had MORE CARTS) anyway, I find a cheap bag and stuff it with clothes and haul those all over. It's amazing 1) just what ends up at the outlet, 2) what is STILL left at the outlet after dozens of people have dug through the bin and 3) how quickly you get an absolute monster pile of stuff!

    If I get in on a bin as its brought out, I get better stuff, but I can't do that when it's just me and my boy -- too hard to keep an eye on him.

    Mostly the stuff I find there is stuff I pass on at Goodwill regular stores, but it's so much cheaper it's okay. I don't mind making a $12 sale on a .75 item. I don't want to do that all the time, but I do want some cheaper items in my store so that bargain or budgeted people stay and look, too.

    Anyhow, in about 90 minutes we found: snowboarding pants, snowboarding jacket, military backpack and Camelbak backpack (keeping both!), Ralph Lauren pants, ugly christmas sweater, carhartt jeans, Banana Republic shirts, and s really nice dress shirt (forgot the name) that was still looking nice and pressed. It wasn't as good as a Canali, but it's up there. Got some baby OskKosh overalls and a bunch of other good things - including a big Tigger and a big sock monkey!

    I have tried to get many stepchildren into ebaying and Amazon-ing, but so far no-go. One is about to go look for work at a fast food restaurant.... aaieeee! (But he needs to learn some things that working there can teach him) I love to see you doing this at such a young age. My youngest is homeschooled and he is already finding some Fisher Price toys to flip so I will work on him to learn to be an entrepreneur :)

    Long comment, I know, but I've been wanting to say a few things for a while and now I have. :) So happy your scholarship issue was straightened out!!

  4. Hi Nandy,

    You are such a little inspiration. I'm only a few years older and just got into the reselling game a few months ago and have been getting more and more into it since. I love it. I just found your blog and you really give me so much inspiration to not only keep going, but to love it even more. I wish I had known about ebay reselling when I was your age. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for giving us resellers a little boost. Congrats and good luck with everything!


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