Sunday, July 10, 2016

July 2016 Sales Update

Hey everyone! I'm back with a sales update (finally)!! July has started out pretty good! I've hit my first week goal of over $500 in sales, I hope that it continues this way and I can meet that $2,000 goal! 

I've noticed that when I'm stressed and there's things going on in my life, I throw myself into eBay. It's all I want to do 24/7. Which I guess that's a good thing since I have 150+ items to be listed! I'm super excited to hit it again tomorrow! I may even do some listing after church today... 

Here's my 60 day sales total. It was over $4,000 but I slacked for a couple months and it slumped down to around $1,000 or so. That was back when I only had around 100-200 items listed. Now that I have over 700 active, that number is slowly climbing back up! 

Here's what sold so far in July! I'm pretty happy with these sales! I've been accepting most offers because I really need to clear this inventory out! If y'all could only see my eBay room.... Yikes. 

So sales have been pretty great! I just hope they stay as good as they have been! 

Thanks for reading everyone! 
Y'all are wonderful!! 


  1. Super great job teen thrifter! I'm forwarding this to my friends daughter. She needs to get busy!

  2. Glad your sales have been good! I've been FINALLY getting back into listing again. I took a bit of a break and went down to about 2 or 3 sales a week. It's funny though, the instant I list something, I feel like sales pick up. I'm sure it's just me tying things together that aren't actually real, but that's OK. I'll take a sale anyway I can get it.


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