Saturday, March 26, 2016

Sales Update 3/15-3/25

Hey everyone! I hope March sales are treating you well! I sure know mine have been! My sales have been absolutely BOOMING lately! I know they could be much much better though if I'd sit and list daily like I should! (Slacker here, I know). 

I love that I've switched my game over to mainly clothing. I love sourcing pieces and the photographing and measuring part doesn't really seem to bother me. I've noticed that it's a great market to be in and it's really helped pick up my sales! 

Since the 15th I've had 40 sales!!! How awesome is that?!?! I've almost had 100 for the month! That would be a record for me!! Check it out! 

Also, I recently went to local thrift and got THREE trash bags full of vintage dresses for $20!! Yes that's right, TWENTY DOLLARS!!! I got 38 pieces! I can't wait to start researching and photographing these beauties!! 

That's all for me! I have to hurry and get back to listing! Have a great week everyone!! 


  1. I just sold the vintage dress I was following alog from the start (sourcing, researching, photographing, measuring, storing, listing). Will describe the shipping process tomorrow.

    My point is that the dress sold in a few months for a great profits. That's a big haul you got!

  2. Nice Haul! I always love your vintage dress finds:)


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