Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Sales Update 3/1-3/7

Hello hello everyone! I'm back with a quick sales update! Things have been super slow lately. I don't know what the deal is with this slump! It's probably because I took last week off.  I'm back at it this week though! I've gotten 36 new listings up and I'm aiming for atleast 100 new by the end of the week! 

I sold 10 items this week for a total of $190, leaving me with a profit of $141 after my fees and shipping costs. I'm really needing my sales to be at atleast $250 a week, so I'm getting there. Slowly but surely. 

Here's the 10 items that sold! 

This Lauren Ralph Lauren wool sweater came from the Outlet. It sold for $30 +shipping. 

These North Face Hiking pants sold for $30 +free shipping. 

This Victoria's Secret top sold for $14.95 +F/S

This pattern of Vera Bradley is super rare and sells for a good amount of money! This small eye glass case sold for $12.95 +F/S.

My aunt picked this Lauren Ralph Lauren sweater up for me. It sold the same day I listed it for $19.95 +F/S.

I've jumped on the bra train! This one sold for $14.95 +F/S.

These 2XL Eddie Bauer pajama pants also sold really fast! They sold for $14.95 +F/S.

This J. Crew button up sold for $17.50 +F/S.

I had this Sears slip listed for $12.95 +F/S, and shortly received an offer of $12.50! Ummm yes!! Why can't all offers be like that?! 

I picked up two of these vintage dresses at the outlet, this one sold quickly for $20 +F/S.

That's all for me! I've got to go fix supper and get some more listing done! What did you sell this week? 
Thanks for reading! 


  1. I always love the vintage dresses you find! They are so gorgeous!

    1. Me too! I have a thing for vintage! I can't wait until the day I find some 1950s dresses!

  2. Hi, Great sales! May I ask what pattern is of Vera Bradley? TY!

    1. The pattern is called Pink Elephants :)


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