Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sales Update 3/17-3/24

Hey everyone! I'm back with another sales update! I hope you all are making TONS of money this month! The weather is finally getting ready for YARD SALE SEASON! Yes! It is 75 degrees right now here in Kentucky!! I am SO excited about getting to go to garage sales instead of Goodwill. The prices at the Goodwill just continue to become even more outrageous, and I'm absolutely tired of it!

Starting Thursday, me and my family will be heading to Indiana to hit up this awesome community wide yard sale that we attend every year! I ALWAYS find tons of great stuff! Last year, I had just got into eBay full time, so I didn't pick up much to resell. This year though, I'm READY! I have my list made, I've been studying some BOLO's on other blogs, and I am totally prepared to hit up some sales and make a fortune! I'll be sure and share my haul with you all once we get back home and unloaded!  Maybe in video form!

The sales this past week have been somewhat slow.. But at least I've had some sales!
I've sold 12 items since my last post for a total of $177.65 before fees.
I'm still not making too much, but it's enough right now to pay my monthly car payments and phone bill and still have enough left over to spend on date nights and trips!

Here's what I sold!

1 Tube 315 makeup - Best offer of $7.95 +F/S
1 Tube 315 makeup - $8.95 +F/S

I'm wanting to try my hand at flipping shoes on eBay, so I picked up these wooden naturalizer slip ons for $3. They sold for $8 +shipping. I think I need to study the shoe market a bit more..

I sold these vintage 90s Tommy Hilfiger overalls of my sisters for $39.95 +shipping to Norway. BOLO!

I picked this Ralph Lauren plate up at my favorite Goodwill for $0.50. It sold for a best offer of $15.00 +shipping.

This kit to make one quilt block sold for a best offer of $3 +shipping.

Not sure who gave me this.. It's been listed for ages. It sold for $12.95 +shipping

I picked up this Patagonia polo at my favorite Goodwill for $3. It sold for $14.95+shipping.

Another microwave plate! Love selling these! This one sold for $14.95 +shipping.

This is a Wee Sing America CD, Cassette, Song Book combo. I picked it up at the Goodwill Outlet. It sold for a best offer of $10 +F/S

These were my aunts. They sold for a best offer of $17 +F/S

I found this Land's End cashmere sweater at my favorite Goodwill for $3. It sold for $24.95 +shipping to UK.

That's all for me guys! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!


  1. Good luck in Indiana! Can't wait to see what you find:)

    1. I'm super excited! I hope it's a good trip!

  2. What is the name of your store?

    1. Bluegrass Bargains Here's the link:


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