Monday, March 16, 2015

Sales Update 3/10-3/16

Spring break has officially ended, so school must begin again.. I am so glad that we are over halfway done with the semester!  This is week 10 out of 16, so not much more to go! This week my goal is to get *most* of my clothing items measured, photographed, and at least half of them listed.

March started out with a bang, but it has quickly came to a halt. No sales the past 4 days. I haven't been listing anything either.. So that could be why. We will see if that's the case!

Here's my sales from the 10th-12th:

I LOVE board games! Probably because I like to play them before they sell! I didn't get to test this one out since it sold so fast! This Clue game came from the Goodwill Outlet, so I probably paid $1-$2 give or take for it. It sold for $25 +shipping to Canada.

Here's another Goodwill Outlet find! This whole Build A Bear outfit cost me less than $0.50. It sold for a best offer of $12 +shipping.

I just LOVE the Goodwill Outlet! Most of my recent sales have been from items I have bought there a little while back, including these two Tupperware pieces. They both sold for $10 +shipping. They also cost me less than $0.50.

This Jos. A. Bank cashmere sweater vest was picked up at my favorite Goodwill for $5. I know I priced it way too low since it sold so quickly.. Sold for $15 +shipping. New they sell for $80... Live and learn I guess!

Another Goodwill outlet find! Ties are abundant at the outlet. You can probably get 60+ ties for around $4 since they don't weigh anything. GREAT deal! This Brooks Brothers Makers tie sold for $7.50 +Shipping.

 Another tie! This one sold for $7 +shipping.

 That's it for my sales the past week! I hope you all are doing MUCH better than I am on eBay!

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Thanks for reading!

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  1. I don't sell unless I list either! You're so lucky to be able to get to an outlet!


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