Thursday, February 19, 2015

Winter Storm and Sales Update 2/11 - 2/19

I hope you all are staying warm and toasty this week! We've been hit by the winter storm Octavia, and have the most snow that we've probably had in a very long time! We have layers of snow and ice adding up to around 8 inches! College has been cancelled all week, so me, my laptop, and my two house dogs have been bundled up on the couch enjoying Netflix and some occasional eBay listing.

We didn't get to go to the estate auction on Valentine's day last Saturday because of the cold and snow.. My friends up north told us it wasn't a good auction anyways. Oh well. Instead! Our Valentine's Day was spent at home eating pizza and watching movies, anticipating this snowstorm.

My mom's not been to work any this week (until today), so she's been my photographer the past few days. I had over 50 ties and some other items that needed pictures taken, and she got it all done! Needless to say, I'm now very much behind on my listing.

I have listed around 20 items this week, bringing my total to 416 active listings.
Since my last post, I've sold 10 items, totaling around $166 this week before fees. Still not hardly the amount I want, but then again, I'm not constantly listing, sourcing, and I don't have +a lot of high dollar items. Most of my items range from $5-$30. I'm working on that though.

Here's the highlights of this weeks sales:

I am STILL selling Hallmark ornaments!  I probably have around 20-30 left to sell. This miniature ornament (around the size of my thumb) sold for 14.95 +free shipping. I think each ornament cost me an average of $0.64.

 Microwave plates are consistent sellers for me. I pick them up for around $1-$2 and this one sold for $16.33 +shipping.

I thought this was the CUTEST set of shower hooks! I picked them up for $1, broke two of them, then sold the set of 10 for a best offer of $11 +shipping.

This purse is trouble waiting to happen...
I picked this Mossy Oak bag up at the Goodwill Outlet. The day I listed it, it sold within a few hours. Once it sold, I then realized the zipper was broken off inside the bag... I took a picture of the broken zipper but I didn't put that in the description... I have messaged the buyer THREE times with no response.. I shipped the bag today, and we will see how long it takes for them to open a case..  Sold for $20 +shipping. 

This lot of brand new scrap booking paper was picked up at the Goodwill Outlet as well! I paid around $4 (I think) It was $0.59/pound. Sold at auction for $51 +shipping! Who knew?? 

I picked this stein up last summer for $1. It finally sold after being posted on Twitter for $18 +shipping. 

(I am a STRONG believer in promoting your listings via social media! The last three things I've sold were tweeted prior to selling! Follow me on Twitter HERE and on pinterest HERE)
That's it for me this week! I hope you all are staying warm!
Thanks for reading!
Since I've not posted an Adsense update in a while, here it is!
I'm up to $33.76. I'm slowly making progress! Thanks to everyone who has helped me get that much!


  1. Creative Memories' albums and paper do really well. I have a whole bunch of it from years ago when I first got into it. Thousands of dollars worth of stuff. It will be a project to go through it all, but eventually I will. I like how you are using twitter to advertise your listings. I'm on twitter, but rarely use it. Would love if maybe you could do a post on how you use social media to promote your listings?

    1. I'll definitely think about that Margaret! Thanks for commenting!


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