Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sales Update 2/3-2/10

I'm back again with yet another sales update! Seems like that is all I've been posting lately.. I'll try and finish up my BOLO list sometime this week or next.
I hope you all are having a GREAT sales week! My week is going pretty well. I've had a total of 8 sales this week for a total amount of $128 before fees. Nothing major, but since I've not listed anything in a few weeks, I'm happy with that amount.
My new goal is to list at least 5 things a day. I spent tonight looking up all my unlisted inventory, and I figured up that I had $1,200 sitting on my shelf, not counting the clothes! So I've got to get to listing!

Here's what I sold!

2 tubes of 315 Covergirl Makeup - $7.95 each
Mickey Mouse Hallmark ornament - $7 +shipping

My mom picked this ornament up for $1. I sold it for a best offer of $6 +shipping to Hungary
I thought about keeping this cake pan for my dad's 50th birthday this year, but instead sold it for $10 +free shipping.

My aunt picked this digital photo frame up for $4 at Goodwill, it sold for $20 +shipping to Canada.

This is another of me and Derek's finds. We picked this textbook up for a quarter, and it sold for $20 +shipping.

Mom picked this needlework kit up at the Goodwill for $2. It finally sold for a best offer of $30 +Shipping. 
That's it for my sales this week! Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful rest of the week!

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