Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Sales Update 11/12-12/1

Hey everyone! I'm so sorry I've been missing in action the past little while. Thanksgiving had me super busy and with finals week quickly approaching I've been swamped! I thought I would check in with a few sales I've had since I disappeared. 

Sales since last post: 
43 Sales
$477.83 before fees

Here's a few of the highlights!

I picked up this Calligrapher's bible for $1 and it sold for $15.95 +free shipping. 

This Earth Therapeutics body wrap was given to me and it sold for $34.95 +shipping! 
 I picked up four textbooks for $0.50 each. This one sold for $45 +shipping! A rule for textbooks. Make sure they are no more than 5 years old or most always they are obsolete and not worth too much.

Here's another costume sale! I picked this Power Rangers costume for $3 at Goodwill. It sold for $19.95 +shipping.

These Fossil boots were picked up by my grandma for $10. They sold at auction for $45 +shipping. 

I ran a TON of $2.99 auctions the past few weeks since I had a promotion. I sold quite a few items that I was glad to finally get rid of. I don't do $0.99 auctions, because it's just not worth it. After shipping and fees, you end up losing money. So I always start out at $2.99 + shipping so that my fees are covered and I still make a little.

Stay tuned for my F-J BOLO List Post!!

Thanks for reading everyone!!


  1. Congrats on your sales. Hope your finals went well :)

  2. Nice sales! Oooo the body wrap...I may have bought it if I had seen it :0 we got 2 same brand neck wraps when we got married 5 years ago....they are flipping amazing. Hope your sales keep picking up!


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