Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A-Z BOLO List Part 2

Hey everyone! I'm back with Part TWO of my BOLO list! This post is letters F-J from my book. Enjoy! 

Far Side Items: These include coffee mugs, calendars, or anything else you can find by Gary Larson. I've sold quite a few of these for $30+! Check out completed listings HERE
Fiestaware: I've sold quite a few pieces of this too! The rarer colors and stranger pieces sell for more than the more common pieces. You can expect at least $10 a piece for the common colors and up into $50-$100+ for others! Check out completed listings HERE!
Fire King: Always always ALWAYS look for this brand. Most pieces are worth in the $10 range, but some can go for HUNDREDS! If you find one of the advertisement Fire King coffee mugs, don't pass it up! It could be worth a fortune! The jadeite pieces are also popular right now! Check out completed listings HERE!
Flatware: We have all seen, and probably passed on that set of spoons, knives, or forks, at the yard sale. ALWAYS look the pattern name up and see if you get any hits on eBay. If it's cheap enough, I wouldn't even worry about looking them up. You can sell the flatware in sets of dinner forks, spoons, knives etc. or you can sell it as a set. People are always looking for replacement pieces. Check out the completed listings HERE

Griswold Cast Iron: This one is a hit or miss, but if it's cheap enough, always pick up any piece you find. You can  make a decent profit. If you ever find a #14 skillet, be sure and mail it directly to me and don't even think about looking it up first ;) Some of those go for hundreds! Check it out HERE! 
Globes: Here's another item we've all seen. These are an easy $20-$50 depending upon condition. Click HERE to see the completed listings! 

Handheld Games: Always keep an eye out for theses. Portable handheld games like Tetris or Poker are very popular and can be worth a pretty penny! Check it out HERE!
Hot Rollers:  These can be found at almost every single garage sale. If you can get them cheap enough, and all the pins and rollers are included they may be worth picking up! Keep an eye out for Clairol and Remington rollers. Completed Listings.
Halloween Costumes: Buy these all year round and start listing them about a month before Halloween. You can pick these up for $1-$3 through out the year and make a killing in October!
Hidden Mickey Duffy Bears: I had never known about these until recently. They are stuffed bears that have the Mickey Mouse face shape. They can be worth $50+. I've yet to find one, but I'll keep looking! Check them out HERE!

NONE I have absolutely no items in this section of my book! If you have any, please post them below and they'll be added to this list! The same goes for other letters. All items will be added to the post!

Jansport Backpacks: Preferably the vintage leather bottomed bags. I sold one for $20-$30 (I can't remember) I only paid $2 for it! All other Jansport backpacks are good as well, because there is a lifetime warranty available on them! If you fill out a form and mail them to Jansport they will mail you a NEW backpack! -Thanks Aunt Tammy!

That's all for this post everyone! Thanks SO much for reading! I look forward to reading your comments and adding your own BOLO's to our list!! 

I'll be back soon!


  1. Great list! The Snoopy Fire King mugs bring great money!

  2. Vintage IRMI nursery items. I have sold 2 lamps, a crib mobile and a switchplate cover, all IRMI. They have painted wooden figures on them, really cute.

  3. What a great list! I hope you don't mind but I copied and pasted it to a word doc so I can print it and keep it in the car with me. Can't wait to see the rest! :-)

    1. I don't mind at all! Hope it helps! :)


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