Thursday, November 20, 2014

My A-Z BOLO List!

Hey everyone! This post isn't a sales update like you were hoping for.. :( Instead, I thought I would post my own personal BOLO list! For those of you that don't already know, BOLO stands for be on the look. So all of these items are a few things you should be looking for at thrift shops and yard sales! This list consists of items. No clothes. I have a separate BOLO list for clothes, and I'll try and get that posted sometime soon. For today though! I will be listing all my hot items from letters A-E. 

American Girl Dolls: These dolls cost over $100 new. I would know, my sister collects them.. So definitely pick them up if they're in good shape! 
ALF Plush: If you don't know who ALF is here's a picture from one of the recent completed listings. This new one sold for $75, but a used one will usually bring anywhere from $30+ in good condition.

Breyer Ornaments: These horse ornaments go anywhere from $10-$200.
Beatrix Potter Items: Anything Beatrix Potter sells. A while back I sold a chipped coffee mug and plate for around $20. 
Bose Wave Radio: The remotes ALONE go for $30! So if you ever find one of these, be sure and grab it! 
Bumbo Baby Seats: I see these all over my Facebook yardsale group. The odd colors, and the ones with trays seem to do the best. They're an EASY $15-$30.
Build a Bear Items: Always keep an eye out for the clothes, and of course the bears! I recently sold a pair of black build-a-bear shoes for $10 that I picked up at the Goodwill Outlet! 
Boy Scout Patches: I have seen so many of these! Some people want an arm and a leg for them, but if you can find them for the right price, you've got some money coming in! Remember the older the better! Some go for hundreds! 

Cross Stitch Kits: Not all resellers know to pick these up! They are an easy $10-$20, and you can pick them up for close to nothing! Sometimes you get lucky though and get a rare kit. I sold one a while back for over $100! Brands to look for: Bucilla, Dimensions GOLD, and anything that looks intricate and difficult to complete. Even it's just the canvas, it WILL sell! 
Captain Underpants Books: Always buy them cheap. If you pick up a set for around a quarter a book, you can make a pretty chunk of change! A lot of 11 recently sold for $30! 
Caboodle Boxes: The vintage ones go anywhere from $20-$50!
Camp Cucamonga DVD: I know this one is VERY specific and it'll be crazy if we ever stumble upon one, but this DVD sells for around $85! 
Charles Wysocki Puzzles: Not all of these are extremely valuable, so be sure and look them up! Some go for over $50! 

Dept. 56 Christmas Items: I love picking up little items like this for a dollar or less and flipping them for $20+
Dungeons and Dragons Books: These books sell anywhere from $10-$25 each.

Easy Bake Ovens: These are always in demand! One model has even been recalled, I can't remember which one, but if you find it, you won't even have to sell it on eBay! You can contact the makers and they'll send you a $30 check! 
Easton Z2K Bat: Here's another "what are the odds of finding this?" item! IF you stumble across this specific bat, do NOT hesitate to pick it up!! It goes for hundreds! 

That's all for this BOLO list! I hope you've enjoyed! If it's popular enough I'll try and post more of the list this week, and then go on to the clothing BOLO list! If you have anything to add to the list PLEASE comment below!! 
Thanks for reading everyone!

ADSENSE UPDATE: We are up to $64.02!  Thank you everyone! Every little bit helps!! 


  1. Thanks for the list! I'll look forward to the next one! ~~Pam

  2. what a great idea this list! I hope you will continue with the rest of the alphabet. I had an Alf from early last year that sold for $ was supposed to talk but was broken :D Around here Captain Underpants are fairly easy to find (as are Diary of a Wimpy Kid books which are hot sellers too). My kids read the Captain Underpants and then I sell for more than I paid. A double win :D

    1. WOW! What an AWESOME score! I hope to find one some day! I never seem to have any luck finding books on my BOLO list.. I'm glad you do though! That's an awesome win! Thanks for commenting!

  3. Great list! i did not know about Breyer ornaments. My thrift stores are filling up with Christmas items. I will definitely be looking for those.

    1. Glad you're learning something new! :)

  4. I love this list--keep it coming! I'll add Keen kids and adult shoes, Hanna Andersson clothing, and Little House on the Prairie book sets.

    1. Awesome! I'll be sure and add those to my clothing BOLO and the book set to my list of "P BOLOs"! Thanks for reading Diana!

  5. Easy bake ovens? I have to look at the completeds on that. I'm always passing on those. I've wondered, but by the time I get home I forget to look them up. LOL

    Love the Alf plush. My kids have recently started watching it on Netflix. I have to say that it is hilarious. I love it. Hubby wants a T shirt. LOL

  6. Some of them are worth a pretty penny! I've never watched Alf! Thanks for commenting!!


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