Monday, November 17, 2014

Let's Set Some Goals!

The fourth quarter is upon us! I had 5 sales over the weekend, and I'm thinking this is the turn! Holiday shoppers are getting ready for Black Friday Christmas shopping. So don't be discouraged if sales are slow! They will be picking up before you know it! 

So let's set some goals! I have a few for myself but I'd love to hear some of your alls goals too! So please comment below what you're hoping to have done before Christmas!

Goal #1 Get everything in my basement researched, measured, photographed, and LISTED! It can't sell if it's just sitting on your shelves unlisted. So my first goal is to list, list, LIST!

Goal #2 Decide if I want to upgrade my store. I currently have the basic store subscription with around 300 items listed and 190 in the unsold section. I never pay for my listings, so I always wait for a promotion to get the old stuff relisted. I use my 150 free to list all new items so my store is constantly drawing in new buyers. I'm not sure if that is the best decision or not because, once again, if it's not listed, it's not selling. So maybe the next level store with 500 free listings would be best for me, so I can keep relisting the old items for free. Any thoughts?

Goal #3 Find a better Goodwill. We went to the Goodwill in Cookeville, TN Friday night and it was so overpriced I couldn't buy anything! I saw a few people with phones out and carts loaded, so maybe that's why I didn't buy anything. Who knows. I also went to the Somerset, KY Goodwill a while back and left empty handed as well! All I know is that I need to find a cheaper Goodwill with less competition. (Which will be impossible I know, but a girl can dream!) Maybe this goal should be to thrift more and beat the competition! 

Goal #4 Learn more about buying and selling clothes. The clothes I sell are from family members, or are from cleaning out my own closet. I do buy a few pieces if they're cheap and a brand I recognize like, Talbots, Ralph Lauren, or Vera Bradley (who knew they made clothes?!), but I need to branch out and learn more about which brands sell, what to price them at (because I seem to be pricing WAY too low according to other peoples pricing and sales), and I also need to learn about everything that needs to be measured and put in the listing, so I can promote more sales. 

Those are my top 4 eBay related goals. I also have some personal goals that involve finishing this college semester with all As, getting my Christmas shopping done, and a few other things. 

I hope you all are having a great week, and please remember to comment your goals below! I'd love to hear about them!! 



  1. Great goals! My goals is to get everything (or the vast majority) listed by Thanksgiving (I don't celebrate with my family for a couple reasons) so I have all that day to list list list! As strange as this sounds my goal is to buy NOTHING for the rest of the year (except packing supplies). As far as the store I have a mid store and it works great for me (there is a store evaluation tool that shows you which store is best). Come up to PA there isn't much competition at thrifts here (but they are stupidly expensive)

    1. Thank you for commenting! I think you've got some great goals as well!

    2. Nandry, are there any other type of thrifts there in Cookeville? Here in Nashville there are Southern and Music City Thrifts, Thriftsmart, and a couple of other small church or faith-based thrift stores. BTW, do you go to the Goodwill Outlet in Nashville? or where? I'm here in Nashville!
      And those are very good goals that you have set. I have a lot of trouble w/clothing, and you seem to do pretty well. (And I very well old enough to be your mother). I am just impressed w/your blog and your success as I struggle to get a grip on things. I have baskets full of clothing and not much success in selling a lot of it. The only thing that I can be pretty certain of is Victoria's Secret long nightgowns. And bras. They will go.
      Keep on going, Nandry!

    3. I'd say there are some thrifts somewhere! I live about an hour away from Cookeville, so I'm not down there often. I absolutely LOVE the outlet in Nashville! I've been twice now, and I've always left with TONS of great stuff! I actually have a few haul posts from there on my blog! Keep on trucking Kay, it'll get easier the more you do it and definitely as you learn more things will go alot smoother. Thanks so much for commenting!

  2. Nandry, if you ever get ready to go, let me know. Maybe we can get together. I have never had any luck there, but maybe I just don't know what I'm doing. GW Outlet shopping is a totally different game. Email me kaylowe @ gmail . com ok?


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