Monday, August 25, 2014

School, Quick Question, and A Sales Update! 8/18-8/24

Hey everyone! I'm back! So much has been going on lately that I haven't been able to take a blogging break! High school and college have taken up most of my time this week, along with our church camp trip this weekend! 

I'm taking English 101 and Psychology. Already in English we had to write 4 paper, short answer things, and take two quizzes. They were due last night. So that's why I'm a little late posting.. We went to camp Friday and came back Saturday evening, so I tried to get everything done at the last minute yesterday! I hope I got an A on my papers! 

Sales have been BOOMING! I did list a few things last week, and took a million pictures, but I didn't get close to my goal. I'm going to try and use the rest of my free listings this week. There's no use in paying for my store subscription and150 free listings if I don't use them all! 

This week (8/18-8/24) I sold a total of 15 items (I've had one sale today so far! But I'll mention that next week!) 
Total sales amount (before fees and shipping costs): $205.75 
I really wish I could get my weekly sales up to about $500 a week. Maybe eventually when I start getting higher priced items.. Most of my sales were around $10. 
All positive feedback!
No international sales! (Until today! lol)

Here's a few of the things I sold this week! 

I sold this Ralph Ralph Lauren pink button up shirt for $19.95 +free shipping. I paid $0.50 for it! I wish I could find Ralph Lauren every weekend for that price!!

I sold this GAP backpack that we picked up at the Goodwill Outlet for $24.95 +shipping. 

I sold this Zondervan hard cover Bible for $19.95 +free shipping. I can't remember what I paid for this one.. I ALWAYS pick up Bibles. They are super consistent sellers! 

Here's another one of my constant pickups! Shower curtain hooks! Our Goodwill sells these for $1-$2 a set. They're an easy $10-$20 profit! This new set sold for $9.95 +shipping. 

Mom bought some homeschooling books on eBay a few years ago, and this lot was left over. They sold for $14.95 +free shipping. 

I picked this denim skirt up, along with a bunch of others for $3 each. This one sold for $19.95 +free shipping. 

Quick question for all you eBayers out there. Have you all noticed an increase in buyers with ZERO feedback??? Like they've been members for years, and have NO feedback at all?? Over half my buyers are like that.. Makes me wonder.. 

But that's all for me guys!! 
Hope your week is starting out great!! I'll be back soon with another quick post! My boyfriend drives by a Goodwill every day when he goes to college, so I'll be posting his hauls soon!
Thanks for reading!!


  1. Best of luck with your classes, Nandry. My daughter is also taking Com 101 and the math class she needed for the nursing program. She started this week, and she has been busy, busy, busy, too. Great sales! I get buyers all the time with 0 feedback, and usually they're fine, but I don't leave feedback for anybody anymore until they leave positive feedback first- just in case :)

    1. Thank you!! So far I haven't had any problems, but leaving feedback after they leave feedback is a smart move!


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