Wednesday, May 28, 2014

BOLO Alert! Cross Stitch Kits

Here's another item to be on the look out for when thrift shopping and yardsaling... Cross stitch kits! If you read my last eBay haul post, you know I sold a Dimensions cross stitch kit for $80! Most kits are at least worth $10, so they're good to pick up! You never know, you might find a gem like the ones below!

This Dimensions Gold Collection cross stitch kit sold for $239.99!
This kit sold for $225.00!

This cross stitch kit sold for a whopping $280.00!

You can find these cross stitch kits all the time when out treasure hunting. Usually you will not have to pay more than $2 a piece for them! Here's a couple tips for buying the cross stitch kits.
  • Try and buy kits that have never been opened.
  • If you buy a kit that is open, make sure it has never been started, and that all the pieces are still there.
  • Look for unique and complicated designs. The harder it is, the more it's probably worth!
Thanks for reading everyone! Have fun treasure hunting!


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