Monday, March 24, 2014

Ebay Sales Update 3/16-3/22

This weeks been my best so far! I sold 16 items! Most of them, I accepted a best offer on, but I still made quite a bit.

I sold these Wedgewood Beatrix Potter pieces for $4.95 + shipping. The cups handle had a huge chip in it, so I'm surprised it brought that much. Paid $0.20.

I sold this cash family pottery pitcher for a friend. It sold for $9 +shipping.

I sold this Walt Disney Pluto glass mug for $5 +shipping. Paid $0.50.

I sold these denim heels for $4.25 + shipping. I SO wish I could have worn these...

Denim Skirts are always the way to go. You can make SO much money flipping them. This kids Dora denim skirt sold for $7.50 +shipping.
If you can find any plus size denim skirts. BUY THEM! They sell for $20+!

Thanks for checking in everyone! Hope you've had a marvelous week! My Ebay Store

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