Friday, December 16, 2016

Sales Update 12/15/2016

Good morning everyone! I've totally overslept this morning. It's 9:50 am right now and I haven't gotten anything done except for packing up my sales. I can't start getting in this habit. I have all 8 am classes next semester! 

Yesterday I didn't get any listing or measuring or anything eBay related done. So those goals weren't met! I did take my dog to the groomers and I took my aunt a bouquet of flowers for her birthday. I've got to get in gear today and get some work done! Usually on Fridays Derek comes home and I don't get anything done, but he doesn't get to come home until tomorrow evening, so I'm going to try to get caught up. 

I only had 4 sales yesterday. It was one more than the day before, but the prices were a lot lower. Here's what sold: 

SNES Power Rangers sold for $16.95 F/S. Profit after shipping and fees: $12.03.

SNES Lion King sold for $12.95 F/S. Profit after shipping and fees: $8.51.

I always pick up these little Victoria's Secret mini dogs at the outlet. They only cost me around a quarter. Sold for $9.95 F/S. Profit after shipping and fees: $5.87.

I've had this astronaut costume since like July but I didn't get it listed until a month and a half after Halloween... It still sold overnight for $15 F/S. Profit after fees: $9.47.

Now to go and get productive!
Thanks for reading everyone! Have a GREAT day! 

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