Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sales Update 6/24-6/30 and End of Month Tally

Hey everyone I'm back with a quick sales update from this past week and, since it's the end of the month, a complete monthly sales tally. 

This past week has been SLOW. I have listed like crazy and still have had almost no sales at all. I did get to do some thrifting yesterday and I scored some pretty good items, but I've yet to find another home-run. 

I've sold 9 items since my last post totaling around $82.89 before shipping and fees. That number is down ALOT since last week. Most of my sales this week have been under $10. 

Here's the two highest items sold: 

These Levi's Too Super Low jeans sold for $9.95 + shipping. These came from my ThredUp order, so they probably cost me around $0.40.

I picked up these Clarks in Indiana for $2. They sold for a best offer of $20 +shipping. 

All my other sales were really low priced items like makeup and neck ties. Nothing too great this week. 

June End of Month Sales:
Total number of sales: 47 items
Total amount sold before fees with shipping: $1065.75
Shipping Costs: -$256.27
EBay and Paypal fees: -$135.87
Costs: -$200.30
Refunds: -$49.15
Store Subscription: -$15.95
Final Profit: +$408.18

Not a very good month! Oh well! I'm hoping that the 4th quarter makes things pick back up and brings in even more cash flow for me. Last year, July was my best month! Hoping it's as great this year too! Thanks for reading everyone! I hope your sales aren't in the toilet like mine! 
Have a great rest of the day! 


  1. How do you get jeans for 0.40?

    1. A website called ThredUp was running a promotional $0.99 sale and I had $30 worth of credits. So i bought 50 pairs of jeans, used my $30 credit, and ended up paying around $0.40 a pair.


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